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The class schedule is subject to change without notice. This page reflects courses scheduled as of 10/8/13 19:42

Students are responsible for being aware of and meeting course prerequisites as listed in the University Catalog. Students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped from those courses.

An asterisk ( * ) following the course reference number (CRN) indicates controlled enrollment. You must contact the appropriate academic department to obtain permission to register for the course and for professor/section choice.

CRNUSPCourse IDCourse TitleHrsDaysMeeting TimesBldg.RoomInstructorPrereqs/
10693MKT3210-01Intro to Marketing3MWF09:00am09:50amBUAUDDrummond, KentNo/Yes900Closed
Prerequisites: Junior class standing.
10694MKT3210-02Intro to Marketing3MWF10:00am10:50amBU210Leary, RichardNo/Yes400Closed
Prerequisites: Junior class standing.
14631MKT3210-03Intro to Marketing3MWF11:00am11:50amBU210Vann, RichardNo/Yes400Closed
Prerequisites: Junior Class Standing.
18124MKT3210-40Intro to Marketing3Bilotta, JessicaNo/Yes400Closed
Offered Nationwide; Aug 26-Dec 13.
Delivery Method: Online UW.
Registration is open to Outreach BSAD majors only through
July 15. All other ELIGIBLE students can register July 16 at
9 am, with the exception of students who plan to pursue our
online BSAD degree program. If you intend to complete your
degree through the online program, you must apply and be
accepted by the College of Business in order to take this
class. For information on how to apply for this program and
admission information, please visit our website:
administration.html or call 307-766-2063. An administrative
will be put on all online undergraduate business course on
August 12.
10695MKT4210-01Sales Mgt & Professnal Selling3W07:00pm09:50pmBU110Dorrell, JoshuaYes/Yes300Closed
Prerequisites: MKT 3210, Advanced Business Standing.
10696MKT4240-01Consumer Behavior3TR09:35am10:50amBU21Baker, StaceyYes/Yes408Open
Prerequisites: MKT 3210, STAT 2010 (or equivalent),
Junior class standing, Advanced Business Standing.
17598MKT4240-02Consumer Behavior3TR11:00am12:15pmBU21Baker, StaceyYes/Yes4027Open
Prerequisites: MKT 3210, STAT 2010 (or equivalent),
Junior class standing, Advanced Business Standing.
10697MKT4430-01Marketing Mgt3MW03:10pm04:25pmBU10Hunt, DavidYes/Yes4014Open
Prerequisites: MGT 3210, MKT 3210, STAT 2010 or
equivalent, Junior class standing. Reserved for
non-marketing majors/minors.
10698MKT4450-01Adv Marketing Mgt3MW04:35pm05:50pmBU10Hunt, DavidYes/Yes207Open
Prerequisites: MKT 4240, MKT 4520, Senior class standing,
Advanced Business Standing.
16077MKT4520-01Mkt Research & Analysis3TR11:00am12:15pmBU208Tian, KellyYes/Yes408Open
Prerequisites: MKT 3210, STAT 2010 (or equivalent),
Junior class standing, Advanced Business Standing
17599MKT4540-01International Marketing3MWF11:00am11:50amBU111Peterson, ChristianYes/Yes4013Open
Prerequisites: MKT 3210, Junior class standing.
14632MKT4590-01Sustainable Bus Practices3MWF09:00am09:50amBU111Peterson, ChristianNo/Yes4016Open
Prerequisites: Junior class standing, Advanced Business
13872MKT4610-01Marketing Ethics3TR01:20pm02:35pmBU127Rittenburg, TerriYes/No402Open
Prerequisite: MKT 3210.
12504MKT4900-01Problems: Marketing1-4StaffNo/No55Open
Prerequisites: Advanced MKT courses as appropriate;
Advanced Business Standing and written consent of
17217*MKT5890-02Adv Probs: Marketing1-8Drummond, KentNo/No53Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
14635*MKT5890-03Prb:Behavioral Theory II3M02:10pm05:00pmBU259Drummond, KentNo/No105Open
18602MKT5890-04Research Methods & Design3M09:00am12:00pmTian, KellyNo/No60Closed
17255*MKT5890-06Adv Probs: Marketing1Drummond, KentNo/No20Closed
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
17601MKT5980-01Dissertation Research1-12StaffNo/No54Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only

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