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The class schedule is subject to change without notice. This page reflects courses scheduled as of 1/30/12 17:17

Students are responsible for being aware of and meeting course prerequisites as listed in the University Catalog. Students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped from those courses.

An asterisk ( * ) following the course reference number (CRN) indicates controlled enrollment. You must contact the appropriate academic department to obtain permission to register for the course and for professor/section choice.

� Enrolled students must attend classes from the first day of class or they may be dropped to allow waitlisted students to enroll.
� Waitlisted students must attend the first class session and all subsequent class session through the add/drop period to remain on the waitlist.
� Waitlisted students should not buy textbooks until they are officially enrolled.
� Classes may require additional meeting times beyond scheduled times for discussion and review sessions and guest speakers.

CRNUSPCourse IDCourse TitleHrsDaysMeeting TimesBldg.RoomInstructorPrereqs/
24604CHRELI2110-01Old Testamnt Intro3TR09:35am10:50amAG4021FlesherNo/No402Open
23734CHGRELI2315-01Hist Non-West Rel:Buddhism3TR08:10am09:25amCR141DeNapoliNo/No3012Closed
Crosslisted with: HIST2315
Meets non-Western certification for A&S
24605CHGRELI2320-01History of Islam3TR11:00am12:15pmBU24WardNo/No4020Closed
Crosslisted with: HIST2320
Meets non-Western certification for A&S
24716CHRELI2410-01Varieties of Non-Belief3TR02:45pm04:00pmCR214FallNo/No800Closed
23741CHGRELI3275-01World Christianities3TR09:35am10:50amEN2102UtterbackNo/No3012Closed
Crosslisted with: HIST3275
24606RELI3344-01Divine Personality East Reli3TR01:20pm02:35pmCR207DeNapoliNo/No250Closed
Meets non-Western certification for A&S
24608RELI4113-01Medieval Religious Dissent3W03:10pm05:40pmCR118UtterbackYes/No2518Open
Crosslisted with: HIST4113 HIST5113
24609RELI4500-01Tp:Ancient Palestine3M03:10pm05:40pmRH14FlesherNo/No2517Open
Crosslisted with: HIST4990
Title: Jews, Greeks and Romans in Ancient Palestine
24610RELI4500-02Tp:Religion & Fantasy3TR01:20pm02:35pmEN4066AronsteinNo/No2518Closed
Crosslisted with: ENGL4640
24611RELI4500-03Tp:Mid-East & Israel in Film3T06:00pm10:00pmCR103WardNo/No5037Open
24612RELI4500-04Tp:Beyond Life & Death3M06:00pm08:45pmCR115PalmerNo/No306Open
25669*RELI4900-01Independent Study300:00am00:01amFlesherNo/No10Closed
Title: Old Testament Studies
25672*RELI4900-02Independent Study300:00am00:01amDeNapoliNo/No10Closed
Title: Comparative Asceticisms - East & West
25693*RELI4900-03Independent Study300:00am00:01amFallNo/No10Closed
Title: Varieties of Non-Belief

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