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The class schedule is subject to change without notice. This page reflects courses scheduled as of 10/9/13 11:41

Students are responsible for being aware of and meeting course prerequisites as listed in the University Catalog. Students not meeting prerequisites may be dropped from those courses.

An asterisk ( * ) following the course reference number (CRN) indicates controlled enrollment. You must contact the appropriate academic department to obtain permission to register for the course and for professor/section choice.

For students with previous language experience (not college or university), placement exams for languages will be held (dates to be determined). Please call for more information.. Students must bring an approved credit by examination application from the Office of the Registrar, 167 Knight Hall, and pay an exam fee of to the Cashier’s Office before the exam can be taken.

• Students enrolled in 1000- and 2000- level language classes must attend classes by Wednesday, August 29 or they may be administratively dropped from their Language classes, allowing other students to enroll.

CRNUSPCourse IDCourse TitleHrsDaysMeeting TimesBldg.RoomInstructorPrereqs/
20455FREN1010-011st Yr French I4MTWR09:00am09:50amBU9StaffNo/No2525Open
20456FREN1010-021st Yr French I4MTWR10:00am10:50amEA211StaffNo/No2525Open
27172FREN1010-031st Yr French I4MTWR11:00am11:50amEA211StaffNo/No2525Open
20458FREN1020-011st Yr French II4MTWR10:00am10:50amBU8Camino, AngelaNo/No3030Open
20459FREN1020-021st Yr French II4MTWR11:00am11:50amEN2102Camino, AngelaNo/No3030Open
20460FREN2030-012nd Yr French I4TR11:00am12:50pmCR137Sohier, BenedicteNo/No2020Open
28686FREN2030-022nd Yr French I4TR04:10pm05:50pmEN2100Alexandrova, EkaterinaNo/No2020Open
20461FREN2040-012nd Yr French II3MWF10:00am10:50amED06Tolo, Khama-BassiliNo/No2020Open
24475FREN3060-013rd Yr French II3TR11:00am12:15pmBU259Alexandrova, EkaterinaNo/No1515Open
28687FREN3070-01Cinema for French Conversation3TR01:20pm02:35pmCR149Sohier, BenedicteNo/No2020Open
22228*FREN3990-01Independent Study1-4StaffNo/No22Open
28688FREN4120-01Medieval Fren Lit3TR02:45pm04:00pmED47Alexandrova, EkaterinaNo/No2020Open
Crosslisted with: FREN5120
28689FREN4250-0119C French Lit3MWF12:00pm12:50pmCR141Tolo, Khama-BassiliNo/No2020Open
Crosslisted with: FREN5250
22304*FREN4990-01Adv Indep Study1-3StaffNo/No33Open
28690FREN5120-01Medieval French Lit3TR02:45pm04:00pmED47Alexandrova, EkaterinaNo/No2020Open
Crosslisted with: FREN4120
22388FREN5160-01Graduate Reading1-5StaffNo/No55Open
28691FREN5250-0119C French Lit3MWF12:00pm12:50pmCR141Tolo, Khama-BassiliNo/No2020Open
Crosslisted with: FREN4250
22389*FREN5900-01Practicum in College Teaching1-3StaffNo/No1010Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
22390*FREN5920-01Cont Reg: On Campus1-2StaffNo/No11Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
22391*FREN5940-01Cont Reg: Off Campus1-2StaffNo/No11Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
22392*FREN5960-01Thesis Research1-12StaffNo/No22Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only
23548FREN5990-01Internship3Sohier, BenedicteNo/No22Open
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only

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