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School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice

Latina/o Studies

Dr. Lilia Soto, Director
108 Ross Hall
Phone: (307) 766-4127


CECILIA ARAGON, B.S. McMurry University Texas; M.A. University of New Mexico; Ph.D. Arizona State University; Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance 2005.

Associate Professor

LILIA SOTO, B.A. University of California, San Diego 1999; M.A. University of California, Berkeley 2003; Ph.D. 2008; Assistant Professor of American Studies and Latina/o Studies 2010. 

Visiting Assistant Professor

MARGARITA PIGNATARO, B.A. Florida State University; M.A. Arizona State University, Ph.D.; Visiting Assistant Professor of Latina/o Studies 2018.

Adjunct Faculty

Jennifer Macias, Adrian Molina, Dewey Gallegos, Estella Soto, Macros Martinez

Faculty and Staff Affiliates

Jacqueline Shinker, Geography
Mark Guiberson, Communication Disorders
Carolyne Larson, History
Conxita Domènch, Spanish Literature
Joy Landeira, Spanish
Irene Checa-Garcia, Spanish Linguistics
Rachel Sanchez, Office of the Registrar

State-Wide Advisory Board

Connie Coca
Ana Cuprill
Linda Devine
Floyd Esquibel
Mary Elizabeth Galvan
Chris Novarro
Milton Ontiveros
Ann Redman

Latina/o Studies

The Latina/o Studies program, through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach examines the history, cultures, language and contemporary experiences of Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and other Latinos/as in Wyoming, and the United States.

Learning Outcomes

Latina/o Studies courses emphasize perspectives that are historical and contemporary, theoretical and practical, as well as critical and aesthetic. These perspectives help to develop an understanding of oppression and resistance, at the individual, institutional, and ideological levels.

Upon completion of the University of Wyoming Latina/o Studies minor curriculum, students will have an awareness and appreciation for the Latina/o experience. Particularly as the Latina/o experience is expressed in the following concepts and principles of organic insight, relational awareness, historical perspective, power for social change, intersectionality, and aesthetics.

1. Organic Insight - The development of a contextual framework for understanding one's own and others' experiences in relation to the Latina/o experience.

2. Relational Awareness - The development of a theoretical framework for understanding how institutional social structures impact individuals, families, and communities, and in turn, how individuals, families, and communities impact social structures through resistance, social agency, and change.

3. Historical Perspective - The development of a critical historical viewpoint for understanding how struggles around social, economic, and political forces have shaped the traditional and contemporary Latina/o Diaspora.

4. Power for Social Change - The development of a critical consciousness, which is necessary for a social praxis that combats oppressive racist ideologies and social structures that perpetuate individual and institutional inequalities.

5. Intersectionality - Gaining an awareness of the intersection of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexual orientation as it plays out organically, relationally, historically, and politically.

6. Latina/o Aesthetics - The development of an appreciation and awareness of the aesthetics evident in Latina/o art, music, theatre, literature, and other artistic expressions.

Latina/o Studies Minor

Latina/o Studies offers an undergraduate minor. The minor in Latina/o Studies requires 18 credit hours. Two of those courses (6 hours) must include the required foundation courses, and the remaining courses (12 hours) can be selected from the other areas of studies listed below.

Minor Requirements:

Course Hrs.
3 hours of Foundation Course
LTST 1300 3
3 hours of History or Social Science
LTST 2370 or LTST 2385 or
LTST 3800  
3 hours of Culture, Arts, and Humanities
LTST 2360 or LTST 3560 or LTST 4100 or
LTST 4470
3 hours of Gender, Race, Class, and Sexuality
LTST 1030 or LTST 3200 or
LTST 4650 or LTST 4675
6 hours of Electives
(or any courses listed above not yet taken)
LTST 2060 or 3
LTST 3080 or 3
LTST 4485 or 3
LTST 4495 or 3
LTST 4496 or 3
LTST 4525 or 3
LTST 4546 or 3
LTST 4975 or 1-3
LTST 4990 1-3

Latina/o Studies (LTST) Courses

1000 E. University Ave. Laramie, WY 82071
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