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Military Science (ARMY)

1000 Level | 2000 Level | 3000 Level | 4000 Level

USP Codes are listed in brackets by the 2003 USP code followed by the 2015 USP code (i.e. [QB<>Q]).

JumpLink1010. Introduction to Military Science. 2. Encompasses dynamics of leadership applicable to all careers through instruction in Rifle Marksmanship; Land Navigation; Leadership Laboratory; Field Training Exercises; U.S. Army Customs, Courtesies and Career Opportunities and various leadership dimensions.

1020. Dynamics of Leadership II. 2. Second semester of a one-year series. Continues ARMY 1010.

JumpLink2010 [2030]. Applied Leadership and Management. 2. Studies principles and theories of leadership and team dynamics. Develops student leadership potential through the study of the values and attributes of effective leaders. Students gain self-confidence through the application of principles and techniques of leadership in a military environment. Prerequisite: ARMY 1010, 1020 or consent of instructor.

2020 [2040]. Leadership Skills and Small Unit Management. 2. Studies principles in small-unit management, tactics, operations and leadership. Develops students' self-confidence in their leadership ability through progressive application of knowledge, decision making, communication and control. Prerequisite: ARMY 2030 or consent of instructor.

2050. Internship: Leader's Training Course. 3. A four week leadership practicum which orients students to U.S. Army, trains them in basic military skills, develops and evaluates their officer leadership potential, and qualifies them for enrollment in the ROTC Advanced Course Program. Increases confidence, self-discipline and decisiveness through physical and academic challenges. Prerequisite: sophomore standing or above.

2060. Competent and Confident Leadership. 2. Interdisciplinary course whose aim is to encourage assessment of our obligations, commitments, and roles in society by inquiring into the nature of leadership and the responsibilities of both leaders and followers. Examines leadership traits that transcend the military aspect of leadership.

JumpLink3010. Leadership and Tactics I. 3. [O<>{none}] Studies leadership techniques and tactical operations at the small-unit level. Instruction covers the decision-making process, troop leading procedures, land navigation and operation orders. In-depth analysis of team/squad tactical procedures and techniques. Numerous student oral presentations and practical exercises. Prerequisite: ARMY 2030, 2040, basic camp or consent of department head.

3020. Leadership and Tactics II. 3. Studies platoon-level tactics and leadership techniques. Instruction covers the solving of complex tactical problems. Illustrates techniques for properly managing personnel, resources and time to accomplish organizational goals. Introduces Army staff functions and prepares students for successful completion of ARMY 3030. Prerequisite: ARMY 3010.

3025. Conduct of Training. 1. Introduces the Army's system of conducting training exercises. Covers prerequisite training, preexecution checks, officer/ NCO responsibilities, training presentation techniques, sustainment training and training assessment. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

3026. Assessment of Training. 1. Introduces the Army's system of training assessment. Covers formal and informal after-action reviews (AARs); preparation for, conduct of, and goals of an AAR; and writing of Army after-action reports. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

3030. Practicum in Leadership. 3. Encompasses Leadership Development and Assessment Course, a five week test of the cadet's leadership ability. Each cadet is evaluated in ten different positions. Positions include both garrison and tactical situations. Each position requires the cadet to plan, implement and execute a wide variety of tasks. The cadet must control all personnel under this command. The cadet is extensively evaluated by cadre Tactical Officer/Non-commissioned Officer on twelve leadership dimensions. Successful completion of the Leadership Development and Assessment Course is required for commissioning. Prerequisites: successful completion of ARMY 3010 and 3020.

3050. Army ROTC Nurse Summer Training Program. 3. Allows Army ROTC nursing cadets to obtain college credit for nursing experience gained in an army hospital during nurse summer training program. Students practice military skills, leadership, clinical nursing, administrative and interpersonal skills. Prerequisites: ARMY 3010, 3020.

3060. Military Skills Practicum: Ranger Challenge. 1-4 (Max. 4). Encompasses training and intercollegiate competition in fundamental military skills. Students learn and compete in areas of physical conditioning training, land navigation, rifle marksmanship, rope bridging and other skills practiced during small-unit military operations. Prerequisite: consent of department or instructor.

3070. Cadet Professional Development Practicum. 2. Consists of attendance as an Army ROTC cadet at an Army specialty producing school including Airborne, Air Assault, Northern Warfare School or Mountain Warfare School. Offered for S/U grade only. Prerequisite: ARMY 1010, 1020, 2030 and 2040 and/or consent of department head.

JumpLink4010 [4030]. Dynamics of the Military Organization I. 2. Studies and analyzes organization, resources and functions of military staff. Reviews formal staff problem-solving procedures, including student effective writing and briefing presentations. Introduces ethics and the military profession. Prerequisite: ARMY 3010, 3020 or consent of department head.

4015. Staff Officer Practicum I. 1. Gives students practical experience in serving on an Army staff. Under supervision of an Army ROTC cadre member, students undergo training and conduct practical exercises in one of the following specialties: command and control, operations, personnel or logistics. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in Army 4010.

4016. Staff Officer Practicum II. 1. Gives students experience in serving on an Army staff. Under the supervision of an Army ROTC Cadre member, students undergo training and conduct practical exercises in one of the following specialties: command and control, operations, personnel or logistics. Prerequisite: concurrent enrollment in Army 4020.

4020 [4040]. Dynamics of the Military Organization II. 2. Introduces military law; planning and management of personal affairs; Army transportation, logistics and personnel management systems. Studies officer/NCO relations. Includes student writing and briefing presentations on assigned topics. Prerequisite: ARMY 4010 or consent of department head.

4025. Principles of Training Management. 1. Introduces students to the Army's system of training management. Covers principles and philosophy of training, training guidance, training cycles, soldiers/leader tasks, techniques for collective and multi-echelon training, as well as procedures for short-term planning. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

4026. Preparation of Training. 1. Introduces the Army's system of training preparation. Covers short-range training plans, training meetings, development of timelines, publishing of training schedules, training and evaluation outlines, as well as rehearsals. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

4050. Management Internship: Cadet Troop Leadership Training. 2. Conducted at an active Army installation. Students (under supervision) assume duties of and function as a junior commissioned officer for three-week period. Written evaluation of student's performance is returned. Offered for S/U grade only. Prerequisite: ARMY 3010, 3020 and consent of department head.

4975. Military Science Independent Study. 1 (Max. 2). A continuation of ARMY 4010 and 4020. Projects and events are set at the discretion of the professor and subject to change. Prerequisite: ARMY 4010 and 4020.

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