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Educational Studies (EDST)

1000 Level | 2000 Level | 3000 Level | 4000 Level

USP Codes are listed in brackets by the 1991 USP code followed by the 2003 USP code (i.e. [M2<>QB]).

1500. Education for Social Justice. 3. [(none)<>I, L] Provides an introduction to the College of Education, UW, and the field of education in general. Students discover the primary intellectual activities associated with diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. Will be of most interest to those interested in teaching as a career. Prerequisites: none.

2450 [EDFD 2450]. Foundations of Development and Learning. 3. [C2<>CS] Introduces students to the essential understandings of child/adolescent  development and learning. The course emphasizes various theories and concepts related to student development with attention to cognitive, social, and physical perspectives. Prerequisite: 2.50 UW Institutional GPA. (Offered each semester)

2475 [EDUC 2475]. Independent Studies. 1-3 (Max. 9). Offers students the opportunity to complete special course-related work independently under direction of a college faculty member. Directed readings are done and projects are completed. Requires at least two conferences with instructor. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

2480. Diversity and the Politics of Schooling. 4. [(none)<>D] Designed to acquaint the student with philosophical, social, and political influences on North American education, to develop an understanding of the qualities of critical thinking, to raise awareness of critical issues in education, to develop an understanding of individual differences, diversity and multiculturalism.  Prerequisites:  Grade C or better in EDST 2450, sophomore standing, 2.5 cumulative GPA. (Offered each semester)

3000 [EDUC 3000]. Teacher as Practitioner. 6. [W2<>O, WB] Begins Phase II of the teacher education sequence.  Practicum experiences are integral.  Links theory and philosophy to classroom practice.  Focuses on three major topics: planning for educational experiences, instructional models and strategies, and managing classrooms. Prerequisites:  WTEP application, successful completion of WA, Grade C or getter in QA, 2.75 cumulative GPA, Grade C or better in EDST 2480, Grade C or better in ITEC 2360, Grade C or better in EDEX 2484, junior standing, current State of Wyoming substitute teaching license. (Offered each semester)

3550. Educational Assessment. 2. Designed to introduce students to key concepts and issues in classroom and standardized education assessments. Topics include standards, reliability and validity of norm- and criterion-referenced assessments, and special issues surrounding the assessment of students with special needs.  Addresses the basic ideas of classroom test design.  Prerequisites: grade of C or better in QA course, and EDST 2480, 2.75 Cumulative UW Institutional GPA. (Offered each semester)

4000. Foundations of Education for a Diverse Society. 3. Designed to acquaint students with philosophical, social, and political influences of North American education; to develop an understanding of the qualities of critical thinking for reflective teaching; to raise awareness of contemporary critical issues in education; to develop an understanding of individual differences, diversity, and multiculturalism. Practicum included. Prerequisites: earned bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, a cumulative UW institutional GPA of 2.75 or better and EDST 2450.

4110. Foundations of American Indian Education. 3. [(none)<>D] Examines cultural, geographical, linguistic, spiritual, political and societal factors before, during and after colonization of the Americas.  Definitions and day-to-day realities of terms like ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, assimilation, acculturation, and institutional racism.  Development of insights into positive teacher-pupil-community relationships that honor culture and language differences and enhance achievement.  Cross listed with AIST 4110. Prerequisites: AIST 1001 and 15 credit hours of AIST or EDST.

4740 [EDFD 4740]. Field Studies in _____. 1-5 (Max. 12). Offered only through extension services. Broad and flexible; can be utilized in numerous situations to meet local needs. Credit in this course is not applicable toward advanced degrees. Prerequisite: 6 hours of education. (Offered based on sufficient demand and resources)

4750 [EDUC 4750]. Perspectives on Teaching. 1-3 (Max. 6). For undergraduate students selected to collaborate with UW faculty or professional staff in the delivery and sometimes the design of a university course, this course augments in-class experiences with an examination of basic learning and teaching principles. Offered for S/U only. Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA; consent of instructor.

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