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English as a Second Language (ESL)

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USP Codes are listed in brackets by the 2003 USP code followed by the 2015 USP code (i.e. [QB<>Q]).

JumpLink1110 [AS 1110]. Introduction to Academic Writing Skills. 3. Designed to introduce non-native speakers of English, who do not demonstrate the required competency in writing to enter ESL 1210, to academic writing skills. Includes instruction in grammar and sentence structure, paragraph and essay writing. Prerequisite: TOEFL of 18 or lower; IELTS of 5 or lower.

1210 [AS 1210; ENGL 1210]. English Composition for International Students. 3. [WA<>COM1] The objective is to equip international students with procedural knowledge - a set of routines that can be applied in various academic writing patterns, such as description, process analysis, argumentation and the research essay. Prerequisites: TOEFL Writing sub-score of 18 or higher, IELTS Writing sub-score of 5 or higher, or instructor's consent.

1310. Academic Listening for International Students. 3. This course equips non-native speakers with focused listening strategies and note-taking skills that can be applied across a variety of academic content areas and familiarizes students with discipline specific discourse patterns. Prerequisite: TOEFL Listening subscore of 18 or lower IELTS subscore 5.0 or lower; or instructor's consent.

1410. Academic Reading for International Students. 3. This course equips non-native speakers with focused academic reading strategies across a variety of academic content areas, introduces the Academic Core Vocabulary lists, and familiarizes students with discipline specific discourse patterns. Prerequisite: TOEFL Reading subscore of 18 or lower, IELTS Reading subscore of 5.0 or lower, or instructor's consent.

JumpLink2110 [AS 2110; ENGL 2110]. English Oral Skills. 3. Instruction for Novice to advanced Low speakers in refining English pronunciation, stress and intonation, listening comprehension, oral grammar practice and building vocabulary. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

JumpLink3050. Advanced Academic Writing for International Students. 3. [WB<>COM2] Through ESL learner targeted instruction, practices, and feedback, the course will emphasize and progressively develop transferrable skills for students’ academic work and future professions. It will continue to build on writing skills and emphasize foundational oral and digital communication skills. Prerequisite: WA/COM1.

JumpLink4010. Technical Writing for International Students. 3. [WA<>COM3] Prepares students from a culturally diverse background for the communication demands of the 21st century. Students conduct rhetorical analysis of various audiences and purposes in order to design, develop, revise and edit disciplinary and interdisciplinary technical communications, such as reports, proposals, job applications, research related documents and oral presentations. Prerequisite: WA/COM1, WA/COM2, and junior standing.

JumpLink5910. International TA Preparation. 4. Prepares international teaching assistants for the challenges language, culture, and instruction in the American classroom impose on them: training includes pronunciation/intonation, presentation skills, basics of methodology, understanding of cultural differences, and mock-lessons. One Oral Skills Lab hour per week is included. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

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