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Higher Education Administration (HIED)

5000. Community College Leadership. 3. This course will introduce students to the challenges associated with instructional leadership at the community college. The course will identify and distinguish the macro (organizational) level of change but also the micro (individual) level of change in community college settings. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5020. Higher Education Systems. 3. The purpose of this course is to provide students with an overview of higher education as an industry, as a cultural institution, and social stability while also promoting social mobility. Special focus is given to the stratification and diversity of American higher education. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5030. Noncredit Education Systems. 3. This course will introduce graduate students to the main issues, trends, and problems that have defined the field of noncredit education systems. The course will also provide students with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to administer continuing and professional systems. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5040. Higher Education Staffing. 3. This course provides students with a theoretical and practical overview of the research and best practices associated with the development of instructional staff at higher education institutions. Special attention is given to the use of mentoring higher education instructional staff. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5050. Workforce Training. 3. In this course, students study the process of preparing objectives, retaining instructional staff, defining content, selecting learning activities, and evaluating student learning in workforce education programs delivered by higher education institutions. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5060. Program Budgets and Instructions. 3. The purpose of this course is to familiarize managers with the core tasks needed for effective financial planning. Students are also introduced to the budgeting process in various publich higher education institutions. Prerequisite: Admission into MA program.

5090 [ADED 5090]. Masters Capstone. 3. Provides exposure to situations students will likely encounter professionally. It establishes a forum where students apply and refine theories, principles, and skills learned during their programs. Students examine and critique current scholarship and document general degree specific competencies. Cross listed with ITEC 5090. Prerequisites: Check with advisor and complete required sequence of courses for Educational Administration (Adult and Postsecondary Education) or Instructional Technology masters degree programs prior to enrollment.

5240 [ADED 5240]. Teaching Adults. 3. Developed upon the premise that individuals teach as they would expect to be taught. Focuses on methods for teaching adults in formal as well as informal settings. The learning styles literature is reviewed and implications for instructional settings are analyzed. Participants also critique their teaching performance through videotaped sessions. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

5260 [ADED 5260]. Educational Issues Race, Class, and Gender. 3. Designed to help participants examine the current issues and debates in the literature of race, class, and gender from theoretical and practical perspectives. Related areas of ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, language, physical appearance, body size, and other constructs of difference will also be addressed. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

5600 [ADED 5600]. Higher Education Finance. 3. Provides an overview of the economics and finance of higher education in the United States with an emphasis on the analysis of financial policies and current issues at the institutional, state, and national levels. Prerequisite: Admission to the program.

5610 [ADED 5610]. Planning and Evaluation of Instructional Systems. 3. Participants investigate the concepts, issues, methods, and attitudes involved in the planning and evaluation of instructional systems. Topics covered include planning processes, theory and technique, promotion, evaluation, setting objectives, and trend analysis. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

5630 [ADED 5630]. Advanced Organizational Leadership. 3. Examines central issues in advanced organizational leadership to prepare practitioners for leadership roles in educational settings. Working individually and as a member of a group, students will conduct conceptual analyses and complete a literature review paper and an organizational case study. Prerequisite: Admission to the program.

5640 [ADED 5640]. Leadership Development. 3. Examines central issues in the internal dimension of leadership to prepare leaders in postsecondary educational settings. Working individually and as a member of a group, students will conduct conceptual analyses and complete a literature review paper and a biographical case study of a postsecondary educational leader. Prerequisite: Admission to the program.

5650. Law of Higher Education. 3. Examine specific legal issues encountered by instructional leaders in higher education settings. Critically examines the basic rights and duties of institutional employees and students.  It also explains when and how instructional leaders should refer matters to legal counsel. Prerequisite: Admission to the program.

5660 [ADED 5660]. Community College. 3. Concerns the philosophy, organization, program, and administration of the community college. Prerequisite: graduate standing and consent of instructor.

5670 [ADED 5670]. Community College Issues and Leadership. 3. Examine, analyze, the primary responsibility of instructional leaders at the community college, management of the curriculum. In particular, focus on the remedial/developmental education programs, general education, the liberal arts transfer curriculum, technical education, and noncredit and contract training programs. Prerequisite: Admission to the program.

5680 [ADED 5680]. Issues in Higher Education. 3. Through examination of historical foundations and current trends, ADED 5680 delves into pressing issues in the academy, including but not limited to topics of tenure, governance, professional colleges, access and equity, curriculum and international needs. Prerequisite: graduate standing.

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