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Mahatma Ghandi dies (1948)
India gains independence from Great Britain (1947) map

Layer 5: Hinduism in the Modern World (1900 ->)

Great Britain takes over India (1858)
Mughal Dynasty in India (Moslem) (1526-1707) map
Sikhism founded (~1500)
Delhi Sultanate rule of India (Moslem) (1210-1526) map
Late Puranas composed (800-1200)
Layer 4: Medieval Hinduism (800 ce to 1900 ce)
Early Puranas composed (300-800 ce)
Laws of Manu composed (100 ce)
Ramayana composed (200-100 bce)
Ashoka, Indian King who favors Buddhism (272-236 bce)
Mahabharata & Bhagavad Gita composed (400-100 bce) map
Alexander the Great invades NW India (327 bce)
Buddha's death (483 bce)
Hindu interaction with Jainism and Buddhism (500-200 bce)
Beginning of "Life is Bad" Worldview.

Layer 3: Classical Hinduism (500 bce to 800 ce)

Upanishads composed (700-300 bce)
Brahmanas composed (1000-500 bce)
Vedas composed (1200-900 bce)
Aryan tribes migrate into Northwest India (1500-1200 bce)
Beginning of "Life is Good" Worldview and Caste System

Layer 2: Religion of the Vedas (1500 bce to 500 bce) map

Religious items include temples with large water pools, fertility statues, and lingam figures.

Layer 1: Indus Valley Civilization (2500 bce to 1500 bce) map

Timeline for Hinduism

Note: Read the layers from bottom to top.