The following sponsored programs are accepted subject to compliance with the University's policies on classified information and protection of human subjects.  This report covers the period:  
November 7, 2006 through December 11, 2006.    
Michael Gary Barker; Civil Engineering - General Research on Serviceability and Economical Design of Steel Bridges.  $              5,000 AISI47511
Jay A. Puckett; Civil Engineering - Integrated Bridge Project Delivery and Life Cycles Management.  $            25,479 ARORA47616
A. H. M. Sadrul Ula; Electrical Engineering - Wind Powered Irrigation Study Boreen Hay and Cattle.  $              9,536 BOREEN46040
David Edwin Walrath; Mechanical Engineering - Emissions Testing of Carburated Two-cycle Engines.  $            20,100 CASE46024
Jay B. Norton; Renewable Resources - Soil Carbon and Land Use in Upper Montane and Subalpine Meadows 2006-2007.  $            38,500 CAUNV47809
Robert C. Corcoran; Chemistry - Development of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopic Assays for West Nile Virus.  $            17,295 CSU47831
A. H. M. Sadrul Ula; Electrical Engineering - Transmission Study for Wind Power Durham Ranches.  $            13,000 DURHAM46135
Alfred Rodi; Atmospheric Science - Aircraft Mechanic.  $              1,319 FARMBUR6173
John F. Ackerman; Chemical and Petroleum Engineering - Parameter Optimization in Alloy Coatings.  $              5,000 GE48003
A. H. M. Sadrul Ula; Electrical Engineering - Transmission Study for Wind Power Golden M Ranch.  $            13,000 GOLDENM46167
David Edwin Walrath/Robert G. Erikson; Mechanical Engineering - Testing of Bio-fiber Reinforced Composite Materials.  $              4,000 HRTLND48100
Gary D. Franc; Plant Science - Great Plains Diagnostics Network.  $            45,000 KSU8268
Mark S. McNulty; Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center - Los Alamos National Lab Evaluation.  $              5,000 LANS48263
Charles F. Mason/Klaas Theodore Van't Veld; Economics and Finance - Big Sky Partnership Phase II of Department of Energy C Sequestration Project 2006-2007.  $            34,078 MTSTU48403ECN
James R. Steidtmann/Geoffrey Thyne; Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute - Big Sky Partnership Phase II of Department of Energy C Sequestration Project 2006-2007.  $            58,760 MTSTU48403EORI
George Floyd Vance/Gerald Eugene Schuman; Renewable Resources - Big Sky Partnership Phase II of Department of Energy C Sequestration Project 2006-2007.  $            24,400 MTSTU48403RENEW
William J. Gribb; Geography - Wyoming Geographic Alliance 2006-2007.  $            50,000 NTLGEOG47102
William J. Gribb; Geography - Human Geography for Educators.  $            10,649 NTRNA46244
Alan Joseph Redder; Wyoming Natural Diversity Database - Federal Insecticide, Rodenticide and Fungicide Act Pesticide Industry Task Force Data Delivery.  $            10,000 NATSRV46308
Steven Paisley; Animal Science - Extension, Outreach and Research Programs for Beef Cattle Producers and Backgrounders in the Four-State Area.  $              9,563 NDSU48504
Susan A. McKay; Women's Studies - Girl Mothers in Fighting Forces and Children in Northern Uganda and Sierra Leone/Liberia.  $         236,636 OAKFND46280
David T. Taylor; Agricultural and Applied Economics - Assessment of Social and Economic Capabilities.  $            11,100 ORSTUNV46281TLR
Audie L. Blevins/Katherine R. Jensen; Sociology - Assessment of Social and Economic Capabilities.  $            38,400 ORSTUNV46281BLV
David J. Mukai/Jennifer E. Tanner; Civil Engineering - Standardized Physical Property Testing for Self-consolidating Concrete:  Segregation, Strength Variation with Depth and Time-Dependent Properties.  $            20,000 PCI48713
Rex Earl Gantenbein; Center Rural Health Research and Education - Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration.  $            63,411 RTII46356
Alan Joseph Redder; Wyoming Natural Diversity Database - Data Download of Plant and Animal Taxa and Vegetation Communities of Conservation Concern.  $            20,000 TNC46286
Richard Joseph Schmidt; Civil Engineering - Task Order 01 Study of Load Capacity of Connector in Differing Species of Timber.  $              7,212 TMBRLNX46378
George Floyd Vance; Renewable Resources - Sabbatical Research on the Use of Zeolitic Materials for Agricultural and Environmental Quality Enhancement.  $            76,000 USDACSRE45215
Carrick M. Eggleston/Patricia J.S. Colberg; Geology - Redox Interaction of Cytochromes and Bacteria with Oxide Surfaces: Probing Redox Linked Conformation Change.  $            99,567 DOE42607
William David Schaad; Wyoming Institutes for Disabilities - Employment Systems Development 2007.  $         500,000 DHHSCMS40253
Robert L. Kelly; Anthropology - Intermountain Region Archeological Sites Management Information System Condition Assessment Assistance.  $            10,000 DOINPS44148
Henry James Harlow; University of Wyoming National Park Service - Cooperative Research program 2007-2009.  $            18,000 DOINPS44149
Carol D. Frost; Geology - Magma Host Rock Interaction Processes of Assimilation in the Mid-crustal Hortavaer, Norway.  $            43,798 NSF44281
Ken G. Dueker; Geology - Collaborative Research:  Colorado Rockies Experiment and Seismic Transects.  $              9,976 NSF44316
Ronald W. Canterna; Physics - Wyoming Infrared Observatory's Summer Undergraduate Assistantship.  $            88,343 NSF44263
James W. Freeburn; Cooperative Extension Service - Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Program State Grants 2006-2010.  $         203,843 UTSTUNV46460
Stephen Ford; Animal Science - Center for Fetal Programming.  $                 730 VARSPN9316
Bret W. Hess; Animal Science - Vitamin Digestion.  $              1,165 VARSPN6605
Daniel Alan Buttry; Chemistry - Research Services.  $              3,000 VARSPN49107
Virginia B. Vincenti; Family and Consumer Science - Development and Maintenance of United States Higher Education Family and Consumer Sciences programs and Specializations Database.  $              1,000 VARSPN46410
Larry R. Stewart; Manufacturing Works - Operations.  $            19,874 VARSPN46409
James M. Krall; Plant Science - Sustainable Crop Research.  $              2,790 VARSPN9298
Abdel Mesbah; Plant Science - Weed Research.  $            13,000 VARSPN9192
Debbie Kay Popp; Small Business Development Center - Program Income 2005-2006.  $              4,614 VARSPN46414
Keith Miller; Wyoming Institute for Disabilities - University Affiliated Programs.  $              7,500 VARSPN6612
Alan Joseph. Redder; Wyoming Natural Diversity Database - Database Management.  $                 663 VARSPN9123
Michael Liebman; Family and Consumer Science - Alterations in Urinary Oxalate Excretion and Pain Perception in Low Oxalate Diet and Calcium Citrate Supplementation.  $            39,050 VPFND49382
Sylvia J. Moore; Medical Education and Public Health - Model State Support Area Health Education Center 2006-2007.  $            63,867 WAUNV46249
Wayne A. Hubert/Matthew Kauffman/Heywood H. Sawyer; Zoology - Mule Deer Study in Sublette County, Wyoming.  $            25,000 WEST49490
Wayne A. Hubert; Zoology - Resources Selection and Population Dynamics of Shiras Moose in Northwest Wyoming.  $            15,000 WHFW49602
Susan M. McCabe; Nursing - Rural /Frontier Women's Health Coordinating Center Focus Group Project.  $            18,600 WHC46648
Quincy D. Newell; Religious Studies - Joseph Smith's Place in History.  $              2,000 WCH46612
Stephen F. Enloe; Plant Science - Wyoming Early Warning and Rapid Response Plan.  $              9,000 WYAG46733
Mariah Jean Storey; Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center - Twenty-first Century Community Learning Center 2006-2007.  $            80,000 WDE46641
Kent William Becker; Counselor Education - WyoCARE Program 2006-2007.  $            55,500 WYHLTH46920
Sandra Lee Root-Elledge; Wyoming Institute for Disabilities - Update Continuation for Aging Segment of Wyoming Institute for Disabilities' Human Resource Database.  $              2,500 WYHLTH46791
Bistra B. Anatchkova/Beshkov Hristiyan; Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center - Conduct a Mail and Web Survey of Wyoming Health Care Providers to Measure Their Capacity and Compliance with Electronic Data Guidelines.  $            19,000 WYHLTH46649
Khaled Ksaibati; Civil Engineering - Comprehensive Transportation Safety Evaluation Program in the State of Wyoming.  $         155,365 WYDOT46686
Gregory A. Jordan; Transit and Parking Services - Shuttle Bus 2006-2007.  $         338,805 WYDOT46684
Hristiyan Beshkov; Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center - Software Tools for Domestic Violence Reporting.  $            29,989 WYVICSR46781
Antony R. Bergantino; Civil Engineering - Wyoming Floods.  $            23,850 WYOHS46791
TOTAL - Sponsored programs approved     
November 7, 2006 through December 11, 2006.  $      2,777,827  
TOTAL - Sponsored programs previously approved:    
07/01/06 - 08/31/06;  $    22,715,129  
09/01/06 - 09/30/06;  $      7,375,721  
10/01/06 - 11/06/06.  $    10,598,623  
TOTAL - Sponsored programs approved July 1, 2006 through    
                December 11, 2006.                 $    43,467,300