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Town Square Meeting

Regional Board of Directors Boardroom

During the conference, the Regional Execs, VIPs, NCCs, NRHH Presidents, RHA Presidents, RHA and NRHH Advisors, and other guests will be spending lots of time in the boardroom. Because of this knowledge of the many hours spent in the boardroom the IACURH 2011 Conference Staff made it a priority that the boardroom was large enough to allow for everyone to be seen and heard.

Boardroom for IACURH 2011, will be hosted in the Hill/Crane Cafeteria which is located near the Washakie Dining Center. One of the biggest draws for the Conference Staff selecting this location for boardroom was the fact that it is a large room with windows and doors that open for ventilation. One of the other big draws is that the room is located close to the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center, allowing the members of the boardroom the ability to walk to and from the two locations as needed.

During boardroom sessions, those attending can expect to be in a large, spacious room that will be set up in the traditional rectangle form, allowing one table or about 4 seats per school. There will also be a second row of tables behind the main row for additional school members to sit and be a part of the boardroom action. There will also be a sound system set up in the room so everyone in the room can be heard when talking and having great debates.

If you have any questions or comments about the Boardroom please contact Natalie or Branden.

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