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IACURH 2011 at UW
The Bunkhouse


Over the course of the conference delegates will be staying in the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center located about a mile from the UW Student Union and only about three quarters of a mile from the Washakie Dinning Center.

Student Delegates will be bunking 4 or 5 to a room in double queen rooms or a Junior Suite with two queen beds and a double pull out bed. As for the Advisors, they will have the option of sharing a double queen room or having a king room all to themselves for a bit of a special getaway.

Housing and bunking arrangements will be handled by the conference staff so when delegates arrive at UW they will be sure to have a bed to stay in, unless they feel like sleeping under the stars and we could arrange that as well.

Junior Suite Rooms

Hilton Garden Inn Junior Suit Hotel Room

Hilton Garden Inn Junior Suit Living area

 Double Queen Rooms

Hilton Garden Inn Queen/Queen bedroom
King Rooms

Hilton Garden Inn King Bedroom

If you have any questions about bunking at the Hilton please contact Natalie or Branden.

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