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IACURH 2011 at UW
Story Time


Delegates attending IACURH 2011 will embrace the Old West by participating in a variety of programming sessions designed to help them improve life within their Residence Halls through the use of fun, educational, and interactive programs. Programming facilities will be complete with all the necessary AV/technology equipment and will have an Information Technology representative available during programming sessions to address any technological difficulties.

As you may have noticed in the conference schedule, there will be two different locations for programming sessions during the IACURH 2011 conference. On Friday all sessions will be in the Hilton Conference Center which offers large spaces and any required AV equipment. On Saturday all programming sessions including Top 11 programs will be in the new UW College of Business building, located between the Washakie Center and the Student Union.

Please remember that it is IACURH Policy that for every three delegates a school registers the school must submit one program. To help with any confusion here are some examples; 8 delegates equals 3 programs, 11 delegates equals 4 programs. The program chair will inform all schools 72 hours before the program submission deadline if they have not met this requirement.

The program submission page will be open along with the opening of registration on August 29th and we encourage schools to submit programs at the same time you register. The program submission deadline will be a firm October 11th as to ensure adequate time for program selection and acknowledgment.

IACURH Programs and rooms

Hilton Conference Center Programming Rooms

Hilton Conference Center Conference Rooom

Hilton Conference Center Break Out Room

Business Building Programming Rooms

UW Business Building Auditorium UW Business Building Classroom

Programming Tracks

Climbing to the Peak

Leadership Development and Team Building

Effectively organizing people and ideas is one of the most important aspects of being a leader. Listen to what others have to say about their experience in leadership positions, group dynamics, time management, networking, and meeting styles, as well as participate in programs designed to help you become a more influential leader and team player!

The Round-Up

Recruitment and Retention

For organizations such as RHA and NRHH to run efficiently, creative recruitment and valuable retention tools are needed. Find out how to keep your organization in tip top shape with programs centered on recruitment and retention methods.

Every Cowboy Needs a Horse

Tools for Success

Programs in this track will deal specifically with the tools that each leader needs for success, whether it is a strong team dynamic, an advisor rivaled only by the Great Plains, or the work ethic of a cowboy. Learn about what tools you need to be successful!

Save a Horse…


The University of Wyoming is dedicated to sustainability on a campus-wide level, especially within the Residence Halls. Attend programs focused on sustainable practices in the Residence Halls and learn creative ways to get your residents involved in going green.

Circling the Wagons

Round Table Discussions

Gather round and join in discussions ranging in topics from diversity on campus to wet v. dry campuses and any other topic in between. Feel free to share your experiences with other delegates, as well as solutions to problems and new ideas to take back home.

Howdy & a Handshake

Community Service

A great programming track for all of you NRHH-ers, these programs will focus primarily on community service initiatives, new ideas, and great ways to get involved in your own community and on your campus!


Personal Development and Self Care

Stop by the bunkhouse to find out great ways to take care of yourself in times of stress, as well as developing your leadership and people skills to be a more effective student and leader.

Trail Boss

Advisor Track

We all know that the Advisors are the real Bosses, and some need to share their experiences of greatness. This programming track will be focused around ART as well as programs that Advisors submit to the conference.

If you have any questions about Programs please contact Miguel or Branden.

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