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IACURH 2011 at UW
Conference Spirit

Can you say Banana Points?

At IACURH, school spirit is one of the most exciting times at a conference. There is no denying that a good game of ride that pony in the middle of a college campus gets your heart pounding; and that Roll Call during Opening Ceremonies gets  everyone pumped up for the conference. So it is the task of the Programming Team to make sure that everyone has great school and conference spirit throughout the IACURH 2011 Conference. So below will be some of the basic information about how your school can get involved and earn some Banana Points.

Banner and display are two large tasks that delegates will be in charge of before the conference, but they will pay off big time once the conference arrives! As detailed below, just doing a banner and display will earn each school a small number of spirit points, bringing them closer to the highly coveted Most Spirited School award. The banners and displays will be exhibited at the Hilton in the Banquet Hall, with spirit points awarded to each school that participates. Guidelines for the dimensions of banners and displays may also be found below. Drop off will be no later than 9 p.m. Thursday night, and they may be dropped off as early as check in.

Of course, there will be a host of awards presented at this conference, including the Top 11 Programs, banner and display winners, Roll Call (first, second and third), and the Most Spirited School. Also, the regular IACURH Regional awards will be presented, including SALT, POY, and OTMs for the year. Awards for Top 11 will be decided based on the program evaluations, awards pertaining to spirit will be determined by the Spirit Chair and team, and Regional awards will be determined by the appropriate people. Awards will be premade and bought, with only the recipients' names missing. Once winners are determined, an engraved plate will be made and sent to the recipient so they can attach the plate to their plaque.

School Banner

The school banner should be in line with the conference theme and contain information about your school and conference delegation. The banner should be no bigger than 3' x 5' and should have no more than 2 grommets. By just submitting a school banner your school will be awarded 25 points and the large and small school winner will get another 50 points.

School Display

The school display should be like the banner and be conference themed and have your school and delegation incorporated in the display. The display should be no bigger than 4' x 4' x 4' and should have some sustainable products used. Each school that submits a display will be awarded 40 points with the winner of the small and large school display each receiving 80 more points.

Roll Call

Roll Call will be your chance to be creative by involving all members of your delegation as well as a bit about your host school but should be no longer then 4 minutes. A twist in this years Roll Call is we are supporting the old west theme and there will be no technology allowed in Roll Call. That means you can sing, dance, read poetry or mime just as long as there is no technology involved. If school meets the above criteria they can expect to be awarded 25 points. In addition the first place winner will be awarded 100 points, second place 75 points and third place 50 points.

Involvement in Philanthropy Project

During Thursday night's activities, all conference attendees will have a chance to participate in the philanthropy project. As an award for those who do participate, 5 banana points will be given to each member of the delegation that attends for at least 30 minutes. If all members of the delegation attend the philanthropy project for at least 30 minutes a bonus 25 points will be awarded to that school.


There is no doubt about it that the heart of the conference is the programs and because of this, delegations will be awarded for submitting and presenting programs. For each program that a delegation submits they will be awarded 2 points. If a program from your delegation is selected to be presented you will be awarded 8 points. So for every program that you present you will be awarded 10 points for your school. So make sure you are submitting some great programs.

Top Eleven Programs

Now on top of the 10 points you are awarded for presenting a program the Top 11 programs will be awarded another 20 points for your school. So again think of some fantastic, original programs that will be well received from those attending the conference.


We all know that everyone in IACURH loves to cheer, both for their school and for IACURH in general. Well we are going to give you some points for being so cheerful! There will be 5 points given to delegations cheering in designated cheer zones, but there will be a 10-point deduction for delegations cheering outside of the designated cheer zones. This means that lots of points can be won, but even more points can be lost for cheering. So pay attention to the cheer zones and do cheer loudly as long as it is in the right place.

Spirit Gear

During the conference the staff will be on the lookout for any delegation that is looking extraordinarily spirited. That can either be for your host school or for the conference or just something random. So have some fun, choose a bunch of unusual outfits and remember, it's not like you see all these people every day.

Other Points

There will be additional points awarded throughout the conference for various things and those will be decided by the Spirit Team Leader and the Team. So remember have fun and enjoy yourself.


If you have any questions about Spirit or would like to know more ways to get involved please contact Emily, Lacy or Branden


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