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Laboratory Supply Inventory|Stockroom

Contact Us

Bryce Barker
Physical Science, Room 20
Phone: 307-766-4348

Alcohol Wipes
Aluminum Foil
Applicator 3" Cotton tipped
Applicator 4" Flat pk/500
Applicator 6" Cotton tipped
Applicator 6" Plain Stick
Aspirator 5.5" Poly
Autoclave Bag
Bags Whirl-Pak Large (500/pk)
Bags Whirl-Pak Small (500/pk)
Bags Ziplock 16 X 20 (10/pk)
Bags Ziplock 2 X 3 (100/pk)
Bags Ziplock 3 X 5 (100/pk)
Bags Ziplock 4 X 6 (100/pk)
Bags Ziplock 5 X 8 (50/pk)
Bags Ziplock 9 X 12 (25/pk)
Batteries 9V
Batteries AA pk/4
Batteries AAA pk/4
Batteries C
Batteries D
Batteries Lithium 1.5V
Batteries Lithium 3V
Beaker Griffin 1000mL
Beaker Griffin 100mL
Beaker Griffin 10mL
Beaker Griffin 1500mL
Beaker Griffin 150mL
Beaker Griffin 2000mL
Beaker Griffin 250mL
Beaker Griffin 3000mL
Beaker Griffin 30mL
Beaker Griffin 4000mL
Beaker Griffin 400mL
Beaker Griffin 50mL
Beaker Griffin 600mL
Beaker Griffin 800mL
Beaker Plastic 1000ml
Beaker Plastic 100mL
Beaker Plastic 250mL
Beaker Plastic 400mL
Beaker Plastic 600mL
Bottle Glass Amber NM 125ml
Bottle Glass Amber NM 1L
Bottle Glass Amber NM 250ml
Bottle Glass Amber NM 4L
Bottle Glass Amber NM 500mL
Bottle Glass Amber NM 60ml
Bottle Glass Amber WM 125ml
Bottle Glass Amber WM 1L
Bottle Glass Amber WM 250ml
Bottle Glass Amber WM 30ml
Bottle Glass Amber WM 500ml
Bottle Glass Amber WM 60ml
Bottle Glass Clear NM 1L
Bottle Glass Clear NM 2.5L
Bottle Glass Clear NM 500 ml
Bottle Glass Clear NM 60ml
Bottle Glass Clear WM 125ml
Bottle Glass Clear WM 250ml
Bottle Glass Clear WM 2L
Bottle Glass Clear WM 4L
Bottle Glass Clear WM 500ml
Bottle Glass Clear WM 60 ml
Bottle Glass Dropper 30mL
Bottle Glass Media 100mL
Bottle Glass Media 1L
Bottle Glass Media 250mL
Bottle Glass Media 500mL
Bottle Glass Serum NM 250ml
Bottle Glass Serum WM 250ml
Bottle Glass Weighing 15mL
Bottle Glass Weighing 30mL
Bottle Poly Carboy "Blue" 20L
Bottle Poly Carboy 20L
Bottle Poly Carboy Spigot 10L
Bottle Poly Carboy Spigot 20L
Bottle Poly Carboy Spigot 4L
Bottle Poly Carboy Tube 20L
Bottle Poly Dropper 30mL
Bottle Poly Dropper 60mL
Bottle Poly Handle 4L
Bottle Poly HD Handle 4L
Bottle Poly NM 125ml
Bottle Poly NM 1L
Bottle Poly NM 250ml
Bottle Poly NM 2L
Bottle Poly NM 500ml
Bottle Poly NM 60ml
Bottle Poly Specimen 120mL
Bottle Poly Specimen 250mL
Bottle Poly Spray
Bottle Poly Wash 125mL
Bottle Poly Wash 1L
Bottle Poly Wash 250mL
Bottle Poly Wash 500mL
Bottle Poly WM 125mL
Bottle Poly WM 1L
Bottle Poly WM 250mL
Bottle Poly WM 2L
Bottle Poly WM 30mL
Bottle Poly WM 4L
Bottle Poly WM 500mL
Bottle Poly WM 60mL
Bottle Wash Acetone 500mL
Bottle Wash Ethanol 500mL
Bottle Wash Isopropyl 500mL
Bottle Wash Methanol 500mL
Bottle Wash Toluene 500ml
Bottle Wash Water 500ml
Box Glass Disposable Large
Box Glass Disposable Small
Brush Balance/Scale
Brush Beaker
Brush Large Buret
Brush Large Test Tube
Brush Medium Test Tube
Brush Mini
Brush Pipe Cleaner Pack
Brush Small Test Tube
Bucket 1G
Bucket 5G
Burner Bunsen Large
Burner Bunsen Small
Carboy Cap
Carrier 4L Solvent
Clamp #12 Hose
Clamp #20 Hose
Clamp #4 Hose
Clamp #6 Hose
Clamp 2-Prong Large
Clamp 2-Prong Medium
Clamp 3-Prong Large
Clamp 3-Prong Medium
Clamp 3-Prong Small
Clamp Buret Large Double
Clamp Gas Cylinder Bench
Clamp Gas Cylinder Wall
Clamp Holder Swivel
Clamp Holder Talon
Clamp Lab Frame
Clamp Tubing Plastic Large
Clamp Tubing Plastic Small
Clip Keck Green 24/40
Clip Keck Yellow 14/20
Compression Adapt 1/16 - 1/8
Compression Adapt 1/4 - 1/2
Compression Adapt 1/4 - 3/8
Compression Adapt 1/8 - 1/4
Compression Adapt 3/8 - 1/2
Compression Elbow 1/16
Compression Elbow 1/2
Compression Elbow 1/4
Compression Elbow 1/8
Compression Elbow 3/8
Compression Straight 1/16
Compression Straight 1/2
Compression Straight 1/4
Compression Straight 1/8
Compression Straight 3/8
Compression Tee 1/16
Compression Tee 1/2
Compression Tee 1/4
Compression Tee 1/8
Compression Tee 3/8
Condenser Coiled 14/20
Condenser Coiled 24/40
Connect Luer Lock Barb
Connector Coupler Large
Connector Coupler Medium
Connector Coupler Small
Connector Coupler X-Small
Connector Stopcock 2-Way
Connector Stopcock 3-Way
Connector T Large
Connector T Medium
Connector T Small
Connector T X-Small
Container Secondary - Large
Container Secondary - Small
Cork Ring Large
Cork Ring Medium
Cork Ring Small
Corks Various
Cotton Balls
Cotton Rolls Pack
Crucible 1.3mL
Crucible 100mL
Crucible 10mL
Crucible 15mL
Crucible 250mL
Crucible 30mL
Crucible 50mL
Crucible 5mL
Crucible Cover 1.3mL
Crucible Cover 100mL
Crucible Cover 10mL
Crucible Cover 15mL
Crucible Cover 250mL
Crucible Cover 30mL
Crucible Cover 50mL
Crucible Cover 5mL
Crucible Steel
Cylinder Graduated 100mL
Cylinder Graduated 10mL
Cylinder Graduated 1L
Cylinder Graduated 250mL
Cylinder Graduated 25mL
Cylinder Graduated 2L
Cylinder Graduated 500mL
Cylinder Graduated 50mL
Cylinder Graduated Poly 100mL
Cylinder Graduated Poly 1L
Dewar Flask
Dish Crystalizing 100x50mm
Dish Crystalizing 125x65mm
Dish Crystalizing 150x75mm
Dish Crystalizing 60x35mm
Dish Crystalizing 80x40mm
Dish Crystallizing 170x90mm
Dish Crystallizing 190x100mm
Dish Crystallizing 70x50mm
Dish Evaporating 100x42mm
Dish Evaporating 75x30mm
Dish Petri Glass 100mm
Dish Petri Glass 150mm
Dish Petri Glass 60mm
Dish Petri Poly 100x15mm
Dish Petri Poly 150x15mm
Dish Petri Poly 50x9mm
Dissection Tray
Ear Plugs
Eye Saline
Face Shield
Filter Adatper Thomas #1
Filter Adatper Thomas #2
Filter Adatper Thomas #3
Filter Adatper Thomas #4
Filter Adatper Thomas #5
Filter Adatper Thomas #6
Filter Paper Ashless #40 90mm
Filter Paper Ashless #41 90mm
Filter Paper Ashless #42 125mm
Filter Paper Ashless #42 150mm
Filter Paper Ashless #42 90mm
Filter Paper Ashless #44 90mm
Filter Paper Ashless #541 90mm
Filter Paper Glass Fiber 24mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 110mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 125mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 150mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 185mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 240mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 42.5mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 55mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 70mm
Filter Paper Qual #1 90mm
Filter Paper Qual #2 110mm
Filter Paper Qual #2 125mm
Filter Paper Qual #2 185mm
Filter Paper Qual #2 70mm
Filter Paper Qual #2 90mm
Filter Paper Qual #3 90mm
Filter Paper Qual #4 55mm
Filter Paper Qual #4 90mm
Filter Paper Qual #5 125mm
Filter Paper Qual #5 90mm
Filter Syringe 0.1um
Filter Syringe 0.2um
Filter Syringe 0.45um
Filter Syringe 0.8um
First Aid Kit
Flask Boiling 14/20 100ml 3N
Flask Boiling 14/20 25mL 3N
Flask Boiling 14/20 500mL 3N
Flask Boiling 14/20 50mL 3N
Flask Boiling 24/40 1L 3N
Flask Boiling 24/40 500mL 3N
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 100ml
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 10ml
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 250ml
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 25ml
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 500ml
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 50mL
Flask Boiling RB 14/20 5ml
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 100ml
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 1L
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 250ml
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 2L
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 500ml
Flask Boiling RB 24/40 50ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 10ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 125ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 1L
Flask Erlenmeyer 250ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 25ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 2L
Flask Erlenmeyer 4L
Flask Erlenmeyer 500ml
Flask Erlenmeyer 50mL
Flask Florence 24/40 1L
Flask Florence 24/40 250ml
Flask Florence 24/40 500ml
Flask Sidearm Filter 2L
Flask Sidearm Filtering 125ml
Flask Sidearm Filtering 1L
Flask Sidearm Filtering 250ml
Flask Sidearm Filtering 25ml
Flask Sidearm Filtering 4L
Flask Sidearm Filtering 500ml
Flask Sidearm Filtering 50ml
Flask Volumetric 100ml
Flask Volumetric 10ml
Flask Volumetric 1L
Flask Volumetric 1ml
Flask Volumetric 200ml
Flask Volumetric 250ml
Flask Volumetric 25ml
Flask Volumetric 2L
Flask Volumetric 2ml
Flask Volumetric 500ml
Flask Volumetric 50ml
Flask Volumetric 5ml
Forceps Blunt Tip
Forceps Curved Tip
Forceps Fine Tip
Forceps Large
Forceps Plastic
Forceps X-Fine Tip
Funnel Buch Poly Frit 50ml
Funnel Buchner Poly 11.0cm
Funnel Buchner Poly 4.3cm
Funnel Buchner Poly 5.5cm
Funnel Buchner Poly 9.0cm
Funnel Buchner Porc 110mm
Funnel Buchner Porc 125mm
Funnel Buchner Porc 90mm
Funnel Course Frit 30ml
Funnel Course Frit 60ml
Funnel Fine Frit 15ml
Funnel Fine Frit 160mL
Funnel Fine Frit 2ml
Funnel Fine Frit 30ml
Funnel Glass 100mm
Funnel Glass Long Stem 50mm
Funnel Glass Long Stem 75mm
Funnel Long Stem Poly 100ml
Funnel Long Stem Poly 65ml
Funnel Medium Frit 15ml
Funnel Medium Frit 30ml
Funnel Medium Frit 60ml
Funnel Poly 32 oz
Funnel Poly 40ml. Short Stem
Funnel Poly 64 oz
Funnel Powder Glass
Funnel Powder Poly 100ml
Funnel Powder Poly 65ml
Funnel Powder Poly 80ml
Funnel Sep w/Teflon 1000mL
Funnel Sep w/Teflon SC 125ml
Funnel Sep w/Teflon SC 250ml
Funnel Sep w/Teflon SC 2L
Funnel Sep w/Teflon SC 500ml
Funnel Sep w/Teflon SC 60ml
Gas Regulator - Inert
Glass Wool
Gloves Heat Resistant
Gloves Latex L
Gloves Latex M
Gloves Latex S
Gloves Latex XL
Gloves Neoprene Acid L
Gloves Neoprene Acid M
Gloves Neoprene Acid S
Gloves Neoprene Acid XL
Gloves Nitrile Aloe L
Gloves Nitrile Aloe M
Gloves Nitrile Aloe S
Gloves Nitrile Aloe XL
Gloves Nitrile Cobalt L
Gloves Nitrile Cobalt M
Gloves Nitrile Cobalt S
Gloves Nitrile Cobalt XL
Gloves Nitrile Long L
Gloves Nitrile Long M
Gloves Nitrile Long S
Gloves Nitrile Long XL
Gloves Nitrile Onyx L
Gloves Nitrile Onyx M
Gloves Nitrile Onyx S
Gloves Nitrile Onyx XL
Gloves Nitrile Powder M
Gloves Nitrile Powdered L
Gloves Nitrile Powdered S
Gloves Nitrile Powdered XL
Gloves Rubber Dish L
Gloves Rubber Dish M
Gloves Rubber Dish S
Gloves Rubber Dish XL
Goggles No Fog
Inoculating Loop - Nchr
Inoculating Loops
Kimwipes Large
Kimwipes Small
Lab Coat Flame Res Large
Lab Coat Flame Res Medium
Lab Coat Flame Res Small
Lab Coat Large
Lab Coat Medium
Lab Coat Small
Lab Coat X-Large
Lab Notebook Basic
Lab Notebook Grid
Lab Notebook Lined
Labels Cryo Vial
Lens Paper
Marker Fine
Marker Thick
Mask Acid Vapors
Mask Organic Vapor
Mask Particle
Matting Sink 3x3 ft
Mortar 145 ml
Mscope Cvr Glass 18x18mm #1
Mscope Cvr Glass 18x18mm #1.5
Mscope Cvr Glass 18x18mm #2
Mscope Cvr Glass 18x18mm Rnd
Mscope Cvr Glass 22x22mm #1
Mscope Cvr Glass 22x22mm #1.5
Mscope Cvr Glass 22x22mm #2
Mscope Cvr Glass 24x60mm #1
Mscope Cvr Glass 24x60mm #1.5
Mscope Cvr Glass 24x60mm #2
Mscope Slide 75x25mm Plain
Mscope Slide 75x50mm Plain
Mscope Slide Box 100
Mscope Slide Box 25
NMR Tube 5mm 600MHz 7in
NMR Tube Caps
Paper Absorb Bench Top Large
Paper Absorb Bench Top Small
Pestle for 145ml Mortar
pH Meter
pH Paper 0-14
pH Paper 3.0-7.5
pH Sticks
Pipet Disp Sterile 10ml
Pipet Disp Sterile 1ml
Pipet Disp Sterile 5ml
Pipet Pasteur 5.75"
Pipet Pasteur 9"
Pipet Pump 10mL
Pipet Pump 25mL
Pipet Pump 2mL
Pipet Serological 0.1mL
Pipet Serological 10mL
Pipet Serological 1mL
Pipet Serological 2mL
Pipet Serological 5mL
Pipet Tips 1000uL
Pipet Tips 10uL
Pipet Tips 200uL
Pipet Tips 5000uL
Pipet Transfer Grad 1mL
Pipet Transfer Grad 3mL
Pipet Transfer Large
Pipet Transfer Thin
Pipetter 1-5mL
Pipetter 100-1000uL
Pipetter 2-20uL
Pipetter 20-200uL
Plastic Wrap
Rack Epindorf Tube
Rack Test Tube 13mm
Rack Test Tube 16mm
Rack Test Tube 25mm
Rack Test Tube 30mm
Razor Blade 100/pk
Ring - Iron 4 in.
Ring - Iron 6 inch
Ring Stand
Rubber Bands
Rubber Dropping Bulb - 2ml
Rubber Pipet Bulb 250ml
Rubber Pipet Filler - 3 way
Rubber Policemen
Rubber Stopper - #1
Rubber Stopper - #10
Rubber Stopper - #10.5
Rubber Stopper - #11
Rubber Stopper - #11.5
Rubber Stopper - #12
Rubber Stopper - #13
Rubber Stopper - #14
Rubber Stopper - #15
Rubber Stopper - #2
Rubber Stopper - #3
Rubber Stopper - #4
Rubber Stopper - #5
Rubber Stopper - #6
Rubber Stopper - #6.5
Rubber Stopper - #7
Rubber Stopper - #7.5
Rubber Stopper - #8
Rubber Stopper - #8.5
Rubber Stopper - #9
Rubber Stopper - 0
Rubber Stopper - 00
Rubber Stopper - 000
Rubber Stopper - Micro M21
Rulers 6 inch
Safety Glasses - Adjustable
Safety Glasses OTG - Small
Saftey Glasses OTG
Scalpel Blades
Scalpel Handle
Scissors Surgical
Scissors Utility
Serum Stopper - 10mm
Serum Stopper - 13mm
Serum Stopper - 14mm
Serum Stopper - 19mm
Serum Stopper - 24mm
Serum Stopper - 5mm
Serum Stopper - 7mm
Serum Stopper - 8mm
Sharps Container
Spatula - Knife
Spatula - Micro 6 in.
Spatula - Round/Square
Spatula -Trough
Spatula Disposable pk/300
Spatulet - Spoon/Square
Spigot 20L Ethanol
Spigot Replacement
Stir Bar - Cross
Stir Bar - Egg Shape 1x0.5"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 0.5x0.125"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 0.5x0.312"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 1.5x0.312"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 1x0.312"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 2x0.312"
Stir Bar - Magnetic 2x7mm
Stir Bar - Magnetic 3x0.5"
Stir Bar - Retriever 12"
Stir Rod Glass
Stopper - Neoprene #0
Stopper - Neoprene #1
Stopper - Neoprene #10
Stopper - Neoprene #11
Stopper - Neoprene #12
Stopper - Neoprene #14
Stopper - Neoprene #15
Stopper - Neoprene #2
Stopper - Neoprene #3
Stopper - Neoprene #4
Stopper - Neoprene #5
Stopper - Neoprene #6
Stopper - Neoprene #6.5
Stopper - Neoprene #7
Stopper - Neoprene #8
Stopper - Neoprene #9
Stopper Ground Glass 14/20
Stopper Ground Glass 19/22
Stopper Ground Glass 24/40
Striker Flint
Syringe - Disposable 10cc
Syringe - Disposable 1cc Lock
Syringe - Disposable 1cc Slip
Syringe - Disposable 20cc
Syringe - Disposable 30cc
Syringe - Disposable 3cc
Syringe - Disposable 5cc
Syringe - Disposable 60cc
Syringe - Gas Tight 100uL
Syringe - Gas Tight 10cc
Syringe - Gas Tight 10uL
Syringe - Gas Tight 1cc
Syringe - Gas Tight 20cc
Syringe - Gas Tight 2cc
Syringe - Gas Tight 5cc
Syringe - Glass 100cc
Syringe - Needle 16G 1.5"
Syringe - Needle 18G 1.5"
Syringe - Needle 18G 1"
Syringe - Needle 20G 1.0"
Syringe - Needle 20G 1.5"
Syringe - Needle 21G 1.0"
Syringe - Needle 21G 1.5"
Syringe - Needle 21G 2.0"
Syringe - Needle 22G 1.0"
Syringe - Needle 22G 1.5"
Syringe - Needle 23G 0.75"
Syringe - Needle 23G 1.0"
Syringe - Needle 25G 0.625"
Syringe - Needle 26G 0.375"
Syringe - Needle 26G 0.5"
Syringe Needle Blunt 18G 1.5"
Syringe Needle SS 18G 6" Blnt
Syringe Needle SS 18G 6" Pnt
Syringe Needle SS 22G 6" Pnt
Tape - Autoclave
Tape - Blue
Tape - Double Sided
Tape - Duct
Tape - Electrical
Tape - Green
Tape - Orange
Tape - Packing
Tape - Red
Tape - Scotch
Tape - Small Roll Multi Color
Tape - Teflon
Tape - White
Tape - Yellow
Thermometer -100 to 50C
Thermometer -20 to 150C
Thermometer 0 to 300F
Thermometer Digit -50 to 150C
Thermometer w/Case -10 to 100C
Timer Digital
Tin Capsules
Tongs - Beaker Plastic Coated
Tongs - Crucible Brass
Tongs - Crucible Nickel
Towels - Heavy Duty
Towels - Paper 12" Roll
Towels - Paper Dispenser 10"
Tube - 10x75
Tube - 12x75
Tube - 13x100
Tube - 15x125
Tube - 16x125
Tube - 16x150
Tube - 18x150
Tube - 25x150
Tube - 25x200
Tube - Centrifuge 0.5ml
Tube - Centrifuge 1.7ml
Tube - Centrifuge 15ml
Tube - Centrifuge 2.0mL Screw
Tube - Centrifuge 50ml
Tube - Centrifuge 5mL
Tube - Centrifuge Snap 15ml
Tube - Cplry Micro 75mm
Tube - Cplry Open Both Ends
Tube - Cplry Open One End Vail
Tube - Cplry uHematocrit Vial
Tube - Gas Drying 6"
Tubing - PE .034x.050
Tubing - PE .045x.062
Tubing - PE 1/16 x 1/32
Tubing - PE 1/8 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 1 x 1/8
Tubing - PVC 1/16 x 1/32
Tubing - PVC 1/2 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 1/2 x 1/8
Tubing - PVC 1/2 x 5/16
Tubing - PVC 1/4 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 1/4 x 1/8
Tubing - PVC 1/8 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 3/16 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 3/32 x 1/32
Tubing - PVC 3/4 x 1/8
Tubing - PVC 3/8 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 3/8 x 1/4
Tubing - PVC 3/8 x 1/8
Tubing - PVC 5/16 x 1/16
Tubing - PVC 5/8 x 3/32
Tubing - PVC 5/8 x 3/8
Tubing - PVC Braid 3/16 x 1/16
Tubing - Rubr Blk 1/4 x 3/32
Tubing - Rubr Blk 1/4x3/16
Tubing - Rubr Blk 3/4 x 1/8
Tubing - Rubr Blk 3/8 x 1/8
Tubing - Rubr Red 1 x 1/2
Tubing - Rubr Red 3/4 x 3/8
Tubing - Rubr Red 3/8 x 3/8
Tubing - Silicone 1/2 x 1/8
Tubing - Silicone 1/4 x 1/8
Tubing - Silicone 1/8 x 1/8
Tubing - Silicone 3/8 x 1/8
Vial - Polystyrene 18.5ml
Vial - Polystyrene 25.9ml
Vial - Push Cap 1 Dram
Vial - Push Cap 2 Dram
Vial - Push Cap 4 Dram
Vial - Push Cap 5 Dram
Vial - Scintillation Glas 20ml
Vial - Scintillation Poly 20ml
Vial - Scintillation Poly 7ml
Vial - Screw Cap 0.5 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 1 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 1 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 1.5 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 2 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 3 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 4 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 6 Dram
Vial - Screw Cap 8 Dram
Watch Glass 100mm
Watch Glass 125mm
Watch Glass 150mm
Watch Glass 65mm
Watch Glass 90mm
Weigh Boats - Extra Small
Weigh Boats - Large
Weigh Boats - Medium
Weigh Boats - Small
Weigh Dish Alum - Large
Weigh Dish Alum - Medium
Weigh Dish Alum - Small
Weigh Paper - 3 x 3
Weigh Paper - 4 x 4
Weigh Paper - 6 x 6
Well Plate 96 Pack

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