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University of Wyoming

Wyoming Award Winners

Busch Award Winners

The WSSI Busch Award, named for Dr. Chris Busch who was noted for emphasizing, "without the successful commercialization of the innovation, the grant project cannot be deemed successful."  Therefore, the Busch Award  recognizes those SBIR/STTR grantees who have taken their grant project through the commercialization process and into the marketplace.

Congratulations to the WSSI Busch Award Winners listed below.


InterMountain Laboratory's Chinook Division
Ernie Scott, Sheridan
For the commercialization of their Infrasonic Avalanche Detector
Supported by a NSF award.


CC Technology
Keith Carron, Laramie
For the development of the Advantage 200A Raman Spectrometer. Visit the new division on CC Technology, DeltaNu website for more information on this product:
Supported by NSF & NIH awards.


Wyoming Sawmills, Inc.
Ernie Schmidt, Sheridan
For the development of a proprietary method of fabricating high-quality structural studs from sawmill scrap lumber now called the "Lam Stud.
Supported by a USDA award.
Also, for the development of "Engineered Lumber."
Supported by a NSF award.


Wickman Spacecraft and Propulsion
John Wickman, Casper
For the development of rocket propellents. A second enterprise, CP Technologies was formed to sell the proprietary propellent to the general public.
Supported by a NASA award.


Hawkins & Powers, Aviation, Inc.
Duane Powers, Greybull
For the development of an automated system for the release of fire retardant form fire-fighting aircraft. This device is now used in many countries around the world.
Supported by a USDA award.


Britz-Heidbrink, Inc.
Dr. William Britz & Dr. Gail Heidbrink, Wheatland
For the development of a humane caging module for housing laboratory animals.
Supported by a NIH award.


Compu Systems Corp
Ted Pepin, Laramie
For the development of Case Controllers.
Supported by DOD Navy award.

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