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University of Wyoming

Getting Started

How To Get Started In the SBIR/STTR Competition

First, you need to know that Wyoming small businesses have a very significant advantage over their SBIR/STTR competitors in other states. The WBC provides funds to jump-start Wyoming participants through the WSSI Phase 0 Program. Although participation in the Phase 0 Program is not a requirement for submitting Phase I proposals, it is a great way to get ahead of the competition, but only if you are a Wyoming small business.

To get started, take the time to think through your innovative idea and then decide which agencies might have an interest in your concept. Go to the websites for those agencies using this "Participating Federal Agencies" link and browse through their Solicitation for the topic(s) most closely associated with your innovation. Take a few minutes to consider if SBIR is Right for your Company by using this template.  Then, go to the "Phase 0 Program" link and develop your Phase 0 proposal. Follow the instructions for proposal preparation and, after the proposal has been critically reviewed and edited by someone other than you, follow the instructions and submit it for evaluation and possible award.

For most people this is not a particularly easy process but don’t get discouraged, over twenty-five Wyoming small businesses have been awarded a total of more than $21 million through this program - yours could be next!