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University of Wyoming

Services and Resources

Who Can Help You?

The following table includes "for fee" businesses that provide SBIR assistance depending on your needs. The WSSI does not recommend one over another - if you are looking for assistance in a particular area(s), interview several of these options and find the service that is best suited for your needs.

Company / Contact Information Services Offered
J & L Scientific Editing
Jacqueline R. Wyatt

Sundance, Wyoming
SBIR/STTR editing, polishing and re-writing. We improve the writing of documents so that ideas and data are presented clearly and in a grammatically correct, cohesive, and easily readable format. The editors are Ph.D. scientists with considerable experience in writing and editing of manuscripts and proposals.
Personalized Business Consultants, Inc. (PBCinc)

Voice: (303) 427-1312
Fax: (303) 427-0422
Also see:
  • Phase I and II SBIR Proposal Support
  • Government Accounting & Audit Support
  • Financial Management
  • Contract/Grant Management
  • Intellectual Property Strategy and Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Technology Marketing
  • Strategic/Tactical Planning
  • Commercialization Strategy
  • Exit Strategy
  • Seminars and training in all areas
  • See Web Site for details
Greenwood Consulting Group, Inc. (GCGI)
Gail & Jim Greenwood

Voice & Fax: 239-395-9446
Consulting. GCGI will not write your SBIR/STTR proposal for you, but they can provide services ranging from initial proposal strategizing and brainstorming to critiquing your draft proposal. GCGI has extensive experience in working with small and start up businesses. See Web Site for details.
Mark Henry

Voice: 303.825.2800
Fax: 303.825.2802

Grow can help your business attract the capital it needs through innovative structural concepts, powerful idea presentation, and guidance through the shifting channels of funding sources. 
Grow founder Mark Henry is a nationally recognized expert in securing “free” R&D money for clients via the $2.5 Billion federal SBIR/STTR Programs and other government small business opportunities.
New Technology Connection

Voice: 925-735-0803
SBIR/STTR Proposal Reviews, SBIR/STTR Proposal Processes, SBIR/STTR proposal processes for Universities and other Research Institutions, assistance on accounting and intellectual property issues, and Proposal Writing Seminars. See Web Site for details.
The SBIR Coach
Fred Patterson

Voice: 512-250-5247
  • COACH you in how to write winning proposals
  • REVIEW and EDIT your work to raise the quality of your proposal and improve your chances of being funded
  • ASSIST in developing your justification for spending the money
  • ENSURE that you're following the rules for proposal submission, so that your proposals don't get administratively disqualified, and that you don’t compromise your intellectual property position
  • GUIDE you through the complex electronic submission process
  • See Web Site for details
Biotechnology Business Consultants, LLC

Voice: (734) 930-9741
Fax: (734) 930-6629
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Project Management
  • Grant Development
  • Initial Consultation/Presentation
  • See Web Site for details
Centurion Technology

Voice: (607) 277-5599
Fax: (845) 622-3599
Help identifying the best proposal opportunities as well partnering opportunities; proposal coaching, proposal writing and proposal critiquing services; competitive team development; Centurion Technology works on shared-risk, shared-reward basis. Full fee collected only if you win! See Web Site for details.
Cohen International, SBIR Consulting

Voice: (845) 358-8936
Fax: (845) 358-8937
  • SBIR Proposal Review Service
  • SBIR Coaching Service
  • Full Proposal Writing Service
  • See Web Site for details
Piquero Insights, Inc.
Bob Rowen

Voice: (512) 255-8519
  • Small Business Start-up Issues
  • Collaboration Coaching
  • Management Consulting and Training
  • Commercialization Perspectives
  • Manufacturing Systems and Options
  • Opinions Free - More extensive discussions and assistance for a Fee
  • Explore our whole site for more information


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