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Wyoming Award Winners

Success Stories: Big Horn Valve, Inc.

Kevin Burgess & Jay Stender
Kevin Burgess & Jay Stender

Big Horn Valve, Inc. (BHVI) of Sheridan, Wyoming has developed a basic new valving and fluid control technology incorporating a proprietary VOST™ (Venturi Off-Set Technology) design configuration. The basic innovation has application in all valving environments and represents a new concept for a tradition bound industry. This innovative flow passage design enables superior fluid handling features (such as throttling, low pressure drop, and axial envelope) within a single device structure that is not available in today's market. Examples companies are those that market automated valves, environmentally compliant valves and those termed, "Positioner" valves or valves that have a degree of throttle capabilities.

The Wyoming SBIR initiative has provided great benefit to BHVI. The first significant benefit is the technical focus required to generate SBIR grant applications. These applications required us to think critically about our technology, our technology and necessary teaming opportunities. Secondly, the SBIR success has brought needed research dollars into our company. The NSF STTR projects, in conjunction with the Mechanical Engineering Department, have enabled us to conduct extensive testing to clearly document the fluid performance advantages that are so critical to our business. Our NASA SBIR project is focused on a specific cryogenic application which ultimately may lead to a commercial product. Thirdly, the SBIR success has brought notoriety to Big Horn Valve. Both NASA and NSF program managers and associates are aware of our product and technology. These engineering research project successes make the commercial opportunities much more realistic.

BHVI will continue to use and support the WSSI program. Our collaboration with the UW and other institutions as well as the funding are core elements for us to continue and grow our business.

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