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Saturday STEM Workshop May 9, 2015

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On May 9 (originally scheduled on April 18 but rescheduled due to a spring blizzard!) i-STEM and WYSTEM teamed up to bring Wyoming in-service and pre-service teachers a Saturday STEM workshop!  Below you can find resources from the workshop.

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Practice-Practice-Practices! (Aligning Teaching to Place-Based Integrated STEM Practices)
In this session teachers will engage in a series of activities that increase teacher knowledge of how to effectively align integrated place-based STEM teaching to core STEM Practices in a place-based setting. We have designed a series of tools and activity that enhance teacher capacity to teach in alignment to core STEM practices (e.g. Wyoming Core, NGSS, and CCSS-M) in place-based settings. These tools, include reinforcing the notion that the practices are instructional and curricular applications are necessary for engaging students in authentic integrated STEM learning. In this session, we will guide our participants through an integrated place-based STEM activity that applies 21st Century skills to provide a common context for exploration of teaching aligned with core STEM practices. As a group we will also then explore classroom assessment activities and the development and application of a rubric that can be used to determine the extent to which students apply and engage in the practices. Our very interactive session will require participants to engage in place-based hands-on minds-on activities and then contemplate and share how they will use the process and tools (e.g. practices assessment rubric) provided in their STEM teaching. We will place emphasis on the importance of an innovative and creative mindset to effectively teach and assess student learning aligned with core STEM practices.
     Click here to download the session slides!

STEM on a Shoe String
STEM on a Shoestring showcases simple cost effective hands-on activities for teaching integrated STEM in the classroom. In this session, teachers will explore and participate in various STEM experiences using cost effective kits and idea sheets which includes a materials list, step-by-step assembly instructions, things to do and notice, the concept behind the activity, and pointers to other resources. Each activity is aligned to National curriculum standards and can be used with any textbook or lesson plan. All the supplies you will need for the activities presented can be found in your local grocery or hardware store.
     Click here to download the session slides!

Engineering Design
What is Engineering Design? How does it differ (and how is it similar) to the scientific process? Where is engineering design in the NGSS? Learn the answer to these questions and participate in an authentic engineering design activity as we learn to test to failure in this session!
     Click here to download the session slides!
     Click here to download NGSS Appendix I: Engineering Design!
     Click here to download the Shake, Rattle, and Roll Challenges!

ENERGY - There is No Free Lunch
Teachers explore the sources of energy, including costs of production, through an engaging and delicious hands-on activity. We will define energy and power. We will discuss alternative energy. We will answer the question, "Is alternative energy actually free?" Each teacher will leave with a kit to replicate the day's lesson in his or her own classroom.

Shell 3D Visualization Center
Experience firsthand how UW researchers use $3m worth of 3D virtual reality technology to visualize and interact with their data. Wearing 3D glasses, stand inside the CAVE and interact with a virtual giant 3D Earth and explore the locations of earthquakes using the 3D laser tool. Then experience how scientists use the visualization technology to explore oil and gas movements in the sub surface, and use the handheld 3D wand to interact with the virtual environment around you. All in all, a most amazing virtual reality experience!"

Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium Balloon Satellite Introduction
Learn about the Space Grant Consortium's Balloon Satellite trunk which is available to be checked out by teachers across the state. This kit contains suggestions for activities and designed to teach students, through the use of inquiry, about the many possible applications and information gained through high-altitude balloon launches
  Click here to learn more about the Space Grant Consortium's Balloon Satellite program!

Family Engineering
Enrollment in many engineering fields is static or declining and the number of science and engineering graduate students in the U.S. continues to fall. However, the demand for scientists and engineers is growing steadily, but the US is unable to meet that demand. The resulting shortage of technically skilled employees threatens national economic and technological competitiveness. As educators we know that parents play an important role in developing their children’s career interests by providing support, guidance, career and educational suggestions, and experiences that support career development. Parent/family involvement is an essential part of the solution to the looming STEM crisis. In this general session, educators will experience first-hand, how Family Engineering Events can bolster a family’s understanding and appreciation of the roles that engineering plays in everyday life, as well as spark the interest of students to consider engineering and STEM as a career. Participants will learn to implement a Family Engineering Event. Hands-on Family Engineering activities are developed with support from the National Science Foundation and modeled after the Family Science and Family Math programs. Family Engineering promotes 21st Century skills of inquiry, creativity, teamwork, and collaborative problem solving.
     Click here to download the session slides!

Showcase of Best Practices: Wyoming Teacher Leaders
Click here to download the session slides!

A few pictures from the day!
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