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Science Posse
Science ALIVE! Science in Motion

Put your students in motion with our Science in Motion Modules!

Time required: 2 hours per myth.  

Number of Students: 10 students maximum per myth. (Larger groups can be accommodated by running several Science in Motion and/or Mythbusters sessions concurrently.)

Additional Science in Motion Modules are being developed by our new Fellows and will be posted soon!

Ashley DriscollAshley Science in (Complicated) Motion: Building Rube Goldberg Machines
Students will explore the various ways energy can be transferred by building a Rube Goldberg device. A Rube Goldberg Device (named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg) is a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion.  
Cara WiblemoCaraScience in (Projectile) Motion: Angry Birds and Catapults
Students will experiment with projectile motion as they explore the concepts behind the popular game Angry Birds using giant slingshots and stuffed Angry Bird toys.

A student works on his Rube Goldberg device during Science In Motion Camp

A student learns about transferring energy as prepares his Rube Goldberg Contraption.

Students launch an Angry Birds at Science in Motion Camp

Students gather data about projectile motion using real-life Angry Birds catapults.

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