Our conference hotel is the Hilton Garden, close to the university. The Hilton offers conference rates. If you are flying in to Laramie, the Hilton Garden offers airport pickup for its guests, and the hotel will also provide transportation to town events. The Hilton is our booking center for all Laramie accommodation.

Remember, as you book, that sessions will be at the Hilton, or close by on campus. If you choose another hotel, be sure to check that your chosen option is a manageable distance from campus and the Hilton, or offers a campus shuttle, for Laramie is a spread out Western town.

The Hilton is an elegant, but not huge hotel. You are strongly recommended to book early to be sure of a room in the main conference hotel.

To book the Hilton Garden, or other Laramie accommodation, go to:

Laramie Hilton Garden Inn Reservations

(fax) +1-307-721-7570 (group reservations)
If booking by phone or mail, cite the Walter Scott Conference.
If booking online, cite conference code: WSC11.

Conferees can make hotel bookings from July 9 2010 (one year in advance).