Scholarships will be awarded by competition in two categories: for visiting and local students.

Typically, a visiting scholarship will cover conference fee, 4 nights accommodation, conference outing, and banquet.

Typically, a UW scholarship will cover conference fee, conference outing, and banquet.

To apply for a scholarship:

You must be a registered student in good standing at your institution. (These scholarships are directed primarily at graduate students, but in unusual cases may be awarded to undergraduates.)


You should attach to your proposal a brief letter requesting scholarship support. Indicate your program of study, and your current year in that program. Your application needs to be supported by a letter endorsing your application from your thesis director, or another faculty member who has worked closely with you. (This should be emailed directly from that referee to Caroline McCracken-Flesher at, and arrive by the deadline for proposals—November 15, 2010.)


Scholarships can be applied only to conference costs. For that reason, successful applicants will need to send a copy of their travel booking, to confirm attendance, to the conference organizer ( by March 15, 2011. If confirmation is not received by that date, scholarship funds may be redirected to another candidate.


Colleagues who will research in the University of Wyoming's American Heritage Center can apply for travel support at: