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Denny J. Smith Memorial Seed Analysis Laboratory

Current “Other Tests & Services” Prices

Effective May 15, 2009

Hourly Rate

 $        45.00

Clearfield Bioassay

 $        54.00

Seed Count

 $        13.00

Sand Test - Additional fee to germination price

 $        10.00

Noxious Weed Seed Examintion (with purity)

 $        10.00

Noxious Weed Seed Examintion (without purity)

 $        25.00

Canadian Tests

 $        10.00

ISTA Tests

 $        10.00


 $        55.00

Express Rush

 $      130.00

Fax Results

 $          3.00

Seed Identification


Oven Moisture

 $        25.00

GAC 2100b Moisture/Test Weight

 $          8.00

Mill check

 $        25.00

Seed Size Screening

 $        10.00

Alfalfa "Pre-cleaning" Check


Return Sample (fee plus postage)

 $          7.00



Mixtures = sum of costs for each component in the mixture plus additional separation time


Fees on all seed samples presenting unusual or difficult testing characteristics may be adjusted by assessing an hourly rate.


TZ or Germination Only tests requiring over 10 minutes to obtain 200 and/or 400 pure seeds to test from the submitted sample will be assessed the hourly rate for such preparation.


Fees for germination tests with high numbers of dormant seeds will be adjusted up to, but not in excess of, the TZ rate.