University of Wyoming                                                                                        Seed Analysis Laboratory



Submitting seed samples

Place seed into a tightly sealed container.  Many use zip-lock bags, cloth bags, or heavy-stock envelopes. Include the following with the sample or go to the link below for a Sample Submission Form:

            Name and address
            Phone number
            Fax number (if available)
            Cell number (if available)
            E-mail address
            Kind and variety (or VNS)
            Lot number
            Any other information you would like on the report, such as a grower name
            Type of tests requested
            Treatment please indicate kind of seed treatment was used if applicable
            The year the seed was grown or harvested 

Click Here for a prepared Sample Submission Form


Click Here to Find Out How Much Seed to Send


Mail or deliver samples to:

 Wyoming Seed Analysis Laboratory
749 Road 9
Powell, Wyoming  82435 

Call 307-754-4750