First Time Users Request or Order of a Lab Coat

Environmental Health & Safety, University of Wyoming

Phone: 307-766-2649

- Determine the size from the chart below and type of lab coat you need: Poly/Cotton, Fluid Resistant or Flame Retardant
- Contact EHS at the following email: or Chemical Safety Specialist if there are any questions
- Poly/Cotton and Fluid Resistant type lab coat order should arrive in 2 weeks.
- Flame Retardant lab coat order should arrive in about 4 weeks.

Information Required for First Time Users

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By completing this form, you agree to return your lab coat(s) upon departure from UW.

 Choose Type and Size below (1 type per request):  

Chest Size


Fluid Resistant

Chest Size Flame Retardant
  Small  34-36     36-38
  Medium  38-40     40-42
  Large  42-44     44-46
  XL  46-48     48-50
  2XL  50-52     52-54
  3XL   54-56      56-58
  4XL   58-60      60-62
  5XL  62-64     64-66