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University of Wyoming Nordic Skiing

1. What are your expectations this season?

We expect our athletes to treat everyone around them with respect, to work hard, attend practice, get plenty of rest and achieve to the best of their abilities. We know that if every athlete does this then both the men’s and the women’s teams have a chance to win a National title.

2. What are your goals for this season?

We see goals more as hopes so we always hope that everyone will get out of the season what they put in. We hope that every skier will have a positive experience, will meet people that they count as friends and feel that they had a successful season. That may mean winning Nationals or just finishing a race without falling. We hope that every season at least one athlete will come away from the year feeling that skiing has made a positive difference in their life.

3. What reasons would you suggest that someone join the team?

To meet great people, to learn to train and understand their bodies, to have fun with skiing, to learn to ski, to learn to race, learn that skiing can be a lifelong sport, to race, to ski better/faster and mainly to have fun!

4. What type of people do you try to target with the team?

Anyone who wants to learn or become better at skiing and wants to dedicate time and effort towards that goal.

5. What do you personally gain from the coach standpoint?

We love to ski. The more people that we can introduce this wonderful sport the better. It puts together 2 of the best things there are skiing and working with young people.

6. How could the public influence of affect your goals/ expectations for the season?

They don’t. If they get excited and interested, great, if not it doesn’t matter. We do not coach this team for anyone else but the athletes.

7. What kinds of support are required for the continuation of this team?

Financial support. We need to raise $8-10,000 every year to make this team what it is. We need help from the University, the community, the athletes, alumni, etc.

8. Does you team give anything back to the laramie community?

The UW Nordic Team works closely with the Medicine Bow Nordic Association to promote skiing in Laramie. This team helps run MBNA races as well as providing additional racing opportunities to the nordic community in Laramie. In addition, we work closely with the Laramie High School team, both by providing support for their races and by allowing their inclusion in many of our training and camp opportunities. In addition, at least 20% of our members are not students but faculty & staff that are members of the community.

9. Do you have any plans for expansion in the future?

We are planning to host a High School ski camp this summer. We are always working to increase membership in the Rocky Mountain Conference. We hope to start soliciting sponsorships to help with equipment for the athletes as well as defray the cost of wax. We are always expanding, our roster this season is twice the size of last season and we’ve doubled the # of races.

For more information contact: uwski@yahoo.com

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