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Science and Mathematics Teaching Center

Carbon County Mathematics Initiative

Carbon CSD #2 will collaborate with Carbon CSD #1 and the University of Wyoming to provide professional development to teachers to develop and implement a cohesive and comprehensive mathematics program for students in grades K-12. The Carbon County Math Initiative (CCMI) is based on current research and recommendations of the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics on delivering high quality professional development programs. Professional development will focus on specific advanced mathematical content that extends concepts underpinning areas of high student need. The content will be connected to the classroom with the explicit goal of attending to students' thinking and improving students' achievement. The CCMI will engage teachers in sustained professional development through a series of connected workshops, intense summer institutes, and ongoing learning communities that will meet online and in person to do in-depth lesson study, develop and implement curricular units and performance assessments focused on areas of high student need, and evaluate the impact of those units on student learning. Assessing student understanding is at the basis of all of this work and is based on the principles of Understanding by Design and Add+Vantage Math.

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