Wyoware Software for UW Students

The University of Wyoming purchased a Microsoft Campus Agreement with Student Option subscription, allowing enrolled students the right to install Microsoft Office and Office Mac suites and Windows operating system upgrades on their personal computers.

UW students have the option to download software over a high speed Internet connection or order the software on disk. UW Information Technology partners with e-Academy for distribution of Student Option software.

Downloaded software is provided at no cost. CDs that are ordered must be paid for by the student. Students may choose to have the disks shipped to them directly (CDs plus additional shipping charges) or - for select titles - pick them up at a campus location (charge for CDs only). Each student is entitled to one copy of each qualifying product.

See the Microsoft Campus Agreement with Student Option (Wyoware) FAQ to learn about what software is available through this Agreement, how to attain and install the software, estimated costs if you choose to order the CDs, whether you are eligible to run the software, and other pertinent information. NOTE: Windows XP Media Center edition is not upgradeable to Windows XP Professional.