Research: List of publications

Current Courses

MATH2310 (Applied Differential Equations) - Spring 2013

MATH/CHE4340 (Numerical Methods) - Spring 2013

MATH2210-2 (Calculus III) - Fall 2012

MATH3340 (Scientific Computing) - Fall 2012

Past Courses

MATH2310 (Differential Equations I) - Spring 2012

MATH3310 (Differential Equations II) - Spring 2012

MATH2210-2 (Calculus III) - Fall 2011

MATH3340 (Scientific Computing) - Fall 2011

MATH4800-3 (Scientific Programming) - Spring 2010

MATH2210 (Calculus III) - Fall 2009

MATH2850 (Putnam Team Seminar) Fall 2009

Spring 2009: MATH5310-Computational Methods; MATH5640-Differential Geometry

Fall 2008: MATH2850-Putnam Team Seminar; MATH5400-Methods of Applied Mathematics

Spring 2008: MATH5405 (Methods of Applied Mathematics II); MATH2250 (Elementary Linear Algebra);

Fall 2007: MATH2210 (Calculus III); MATH5400 (Methods of Applied Mathematics I);

Spring 2007: MATH2250 (Elementary Linear Algebra); MATH4340 (Numerical Analysis);

Fall 2006: MATH2210-Calculus III; MATH4440-Partial Differential Equations

Spring 2006: -------------------------

Fall 2005: MATH2250-Elementary Linear Algebra, MATH3310-Applied Differential Equations II

Spring 2005: MATH2250-Elementary Linear Algebra, MATH5390-Topics in Numerical Analysis (Stochastic ODEs)

Fall 2004: MATH5310-Numerical Analysis, MATH2310-Applied Differential Equations I

Spring 2004: MATH5340-Advanced Numerical Analysis I

Fall 2003: MATH5345-Advanced Numerical Analysis II, MATH2310-Applied Differential Equations I