MATH 5405 -- Homework

I have to thank my colleague John Spitler for most of the text on this page.

Write Clearly

Homework in mathematics should always be completed with the same care as in other subjects: write clearly. Some questions require short answers only, but if written sentences are expected, then you should use correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation. In most cases (just as in writing English essays), the submitted version will probably not be the first draft.

It is not necessary to rewrite the questions when you write up homework solutions. If you choose to do so, however, you should clearly separate the question from your answer.

Time to spend on the assignments

I do expect you to spend at least as much time working outside class as we spend in class for this course. In fact, I recommend that you spend about two hours working on your own for each hour we spend in class if you aim to get a good grade.

Homework Numbers

Always indicate your name and the homework number (as HW#1, HW#2, etc.) on each homework assignment so that it will not be misplaced or delayed (until I have time to figure out the correct homework number).

Submit Your Own Work

Remember to write up homework yourself. Although you are encouraged to work together with others, the submitted homework should be your own work and not a copy of someone else's.

Submit Your Homework On Time

I expect you to submit each completed homework assignment on the specified due date. I will accept homework one or two days late unless it seems to me that this is becoming a chronic or widespread occurrence. However, I will not accept late homework after I have already returned the graded assignment to the rest of the class.

If you arrive at class without your homework completed, I would prefer that you participate in the class rather than spending that time writing up your homework. In this situation I would ask you to hand in your homework a few hours later, without penalty.

Revised  September, 2007