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Dr. Huzurbazar Selected Publications

Refereed Publications

Huzurbazar, S. V., Wick, A. F.,  Gasch, C. K. and Stahl, P.D. (2013). "Bayesian Posterior Predictive Distributions for Assessing Soil Aggregation in Undisturbed Semiarid Grasslands" Soil Science Society of America Journal 77: 4: 1380-1390     doi:10.2136/sssaj2012.0399

Huzurbazar, S., Singh, S.S. and Schlueter, Jessica. (2013). ``Statistical issues associated with the modelling of synonymous mutation data''; Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 12(3) : 361-374.

Bellamy, John, Tootle, Glenn, Huzurbazar,Snehalata, Pochop, Larry and Barnett, Anthony (2013) "Case Study of Drought Frequency and Risk Analysis in the Upper Green River Basin, Wyoming" Journal of Hydrologic Engineering Jul 2013, Vol. 18, No. 7, pp. 888-896

Moradi, M.M., Alvarado, V., and Huzurbazar, S. (2011) " Effect of Salinity on Water-in-Crude Oil Emulsion: Evaluation through Drop-Size Distribution Proxy", Energy Fuels 25 (1): 260268.

Denoeud F, Henriet S, Mungpakdee S, Aury JM, Da Silva C, Brinkmann H, Mikhaleva J, Olsen LC, Jubin C, Caestro C, Bouquet J-M, Danks G, Poulain J, Campsteijn C, Adamski M, Cross I, Yadetie F, Muffato M, Louis A, Butcher S, Tsagkogeorga G, Konrad A., Singh S, Jensen MF, Eikeseth-Otterå H, Noel B, Anthouard V, Porcel-Setterblad B, Kachouri-Lafond R, Nishino A, Ugolini M, Chourrout P, Nishida H, Aasland R, Huzurbazar S, Westhof E, Delsuc F, Lehrach H, Reinhardt R, Weissenbach R, Roy SW, Artiguenave F, Postlethwait J, Manak JR, Thompson EM, Jaillon O, Du Pasquier L, Boudinot P, LiberlesDA, Volff J-N, Philippe H, Lenhard B, Roest Crollius H, Wincker P, Chourrout D. (2010, in press). "Plasticity of animal genome architecture unmasked by rapid evolution of pelagic tunicates." Science 330:1381-1385 (published on ScienceXpress, Nov 18, 2010)

Gasch-Salava, P. Stahl, Huzurbazar, S. (2010) "Spatial Heterogeneity in Vegetation and Key Soil Characteristics of Reclaimed Pipelines in Wyoming", in "Bridging Reclamation Science and the Community", R.I. Barnhisel ed.

Huzurbazar, S., Kolesov, G., Massey, S.E., Harris, K.C., Churbanov, A., and Liberles, D.A.  (2010) "Lineage-specific differences in the amino acid substitution process." Journal of Molecular Biology.  396(6), 1410-1421.

Hajek, E.A., Huzurbazar, S. V., Mohrig, D., Lynds, R.M., Heller, P.L. (2010)  "Statistical characterization of grain-size distributions in sandy fluvial systems". Journal of Sedimentary Research.80: 184 - 192.

Wick, A.F.,  S. Huzurbazar, and P.D. Stahl.  (2009) "Use of  Bayesian Methods to Model Soil Aggregation in Undisturbed Semiarid Grasslands".  Soil Science Society of America Journal.73: 1707-1714. 

Huzurbazar, S., and N. F. Humphrey (2008), "Functional clustering of time series: An insight into length scales in subglacial water flow", Water Resour. Res., 44, W11420, doi:10.1029/2007WR00661

Huzurbazar, S. (2006) "Saddlepoint Approximations" Encyclopedia of Statistical Science 2nd Edition. John Wiley and Sons.

Huzurbazar, S., Hana Van Campen, Mark McLean (2004) "Sample size calculations for Bayesian Prediction of Bovine Viral-Diarrhoea-Virus Infection in Beef Herds" Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 63:217-232.

Bilen, Canan and S. Huzurbazar. (2002) "Wavelet-based detection of Outliers in Time Series". Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. 11(2): 311-327.

Joel T. Harper, Neil F. Humphrey, W. Tad Pfeffer, S. Huzurbazar, David B. Bahr and Brian C. Welch. (2001). "Spatial Variability in the Flow of a Valley Glacier: Deformation of an Array of Boreholes". Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth.106:8547-8562.

Huzurbazar, S. and Aparna V. Huzurbazar. (1999-2000) "Bayesian Predictive Models for Progressive Diseases". Chilean Journal of Statistics (Revista de la Sociedad Chilena de Estadistica) 16-17: 29-43.

Van Campen, Hana, P. Vorpahl, S. Huzurbazar, J. Edwards and J. Cavender. (2000) "A Case Report: Evidence for Type 2 Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV)-associated disease in beef herds vaccinated with a modified-live Type 1 BVDV vaccine". Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. 12:263-265.

Connolly, Catherine, Snehalata Huzurbazar and Tillie Routh-McGee. (2000) "Mutual Parties in Domestic Violence Situations and Arrest". Journal of Criminal Justice. 28(3):181-188.

Huzurbazar, S. (1999) "Practical Saddlepoint Approximations". The American Statistician. 53(3):225-232.

Huzurbazar, S. and Aparna V. Huzurbazar (1999) "Survival and Hazard Functions for Progressive diseases using Saddlepoint Approximations". Biometrics. 55:198-203.

Brewer, M.J., D.W. Mornhinweg and S. Huzurbazar. (1999) "Compatibility of Insect Management Strategies: Diuraphis noxia abundance on susceptible and resistant barley in the presence of parasitoids" BioControl. 43:479-491.

Huzurbazar , S. and R.W. Butler. (1998). "Importance Sampling for p-value computations in Multivariate tests". Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. 7:342-355.

Van Campen, Hana, Snehalata Huzurbazar, Joan Edwards and Jaqueline L. Cavender. (1998) "Distribution of antibody titers to bovine viral diarrhea virus in infected, exposed and uninfected beef cattle". Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation. 10:183-186.

Booth, J.G., R.W. Butler, S. Huzurbazar, & A.T.A. Wood. (1995) "Saddlepoint approximations for p-values of some tests of covariance matrices". Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation. 53:165-180.

Butler, R.W., J.G. Booth and S. Huzurbazar. (1993) "Saddlepoint approximations for tests of block independence, sphericity and equal variances and covariances". Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B. 55:171-183.

Butler, R.W., S. Huzurbazar and J.G. Booth. (1992) "Saddlepoint approximations for the

Bartlett-Nanda-Pillai trace statistic in multivariate analysis". Biometrika. 79:705-715.

Butler, R.W., S. Huzurbazar & J.G. Booth. (1992) "Saddlepoint approximations to the generalized variance and Wilks' statistic". Biometrika. 79:157-169. 


Refereed Proceedings and Book chapters 

Eulenstein, O., Huzurbazar, S., and Liberles, D.A. (in press) "Reconciling phylogenetic trees." In Evolution After Gene Duplication. New York: Wiley.

Huzurbazar, S., and Barber, Jarrett. (2009) "Bayesian Modelling of Grain Size Distributions". in Proceedings of the 24th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Booth, James G. Editor. 174-181.

Huzurbazar, S. (ed.) (2004) Resource Selection Methods and Applications. Omnipress: Madison, WI.

Non-Refereed Proceedings/Reviews/Discussion papers

Singh, Sarabdeep and Huzurbazar, S. (2011) “Analysis of Gene Duplication Data” 26th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Conseca et al., Editors, p. 557-60.

Huzurbazar.S., and Chatterjee, A. (2010) "Bayesian Change Point Detection with Two Wavelet Procedures", in Proceedings of the 25th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Bowman, Adrian, Editor. p. 251-6.

Heller, Paul L. and Snehalata Huzurbazar (2005) "Shapes, Scales and Spacings of Channel-belt Sand Bodies in Avulsion-Dominated Alluvial Basins: Lance, Fort Union, Ferris Formations(Maestrichtian-Paleocene), Wyoming". 2004-2005 SAFL Industrial Consortium Report, National Center for Earth-Surface Dyanmics.

Snehalata V. Huzurbazar (2003) "Book Review: Statistics of the Galaxy Distribution by Martinez and Saar". Technometrics  

Huzurbazar, S. and Mark Greenwood (2002) Review of "Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data, A Bayesian approach". Technometrics 44(3):293.

Huzurbazar, S. and Lynne Ipina (2001) Review of "Workshop Statistics: Discovery with Data and Minitab" Technometrics. 42(4): 440-441.

Greenwood, M. and S. Huzurbazar.(1999) "Modeling Borehole Trajectories using State Space Models". ASA Proceedings on Bayesian Statistical Science. 37-41.

Means, W. J., et al. (1998) "Variability of Shear Values from Beef Rib Steaks Aged Different Times", Proceedings, Western Section, American Society of Animal Science. Vol 49.

Huzurbazar, S. and Canan Bilen. (1997) "Detection of Additive Outliers in Time Series data using Wavelets". Computing Science and Statistics: 29(1): 132-137.

Huzurbazar, S. (1995) "Discussion of papers by Field, Kolassa and Taniguchi". Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute. 50(4): 1558-1559.

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