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Summer Session & Winter Courses

The Office of Summer Session & Winter Courses at the University of Wyoming is pleased to announce the recipients of a Summer 2018 Innovative Course Grant*.  
Students who might be interested in participating in one of these exciting opportunities are encouraged to contact the instructor ASAP as all courses are actively recruiting for their summer 2018 course:


Criminal Justice - Urban Criminal Justice: Chicago - Eric Wodhal

CRMJ 4990-01

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

This course is designed as an undergraduate course in which students will travel to Chicago, Illinois, to participate in a variety of field learning experiences related to the criminal justice process.   More specifically, three types of learning environments will be incorporated into this field experience.  The first are observational learning experiences, which involve exposing students to a variety of criminal justice agencies and institutions dealing with law enforcement, the court system, and corrections.  If approved, this will be the 4th time I have offered this course, and over the years, I have built a strong relationships with a number of organizations in the Chicago area, which include the Chicago Police Department, the Cook County Criminal Court, and Stateville Prison.  Through these relationships, students will be exposed to a variety of experiences, including police ride-alongs, court observations, and tours of local jail and prison facilities.  It is anticipated that these observational experiences will occupy the majority of the contact hours for this course.

It is also a goal of this course to provide students with participatory learning experiences.  This might involve having students volunteer their time at a gang outreach program or a program for at-risk youth in the community.  The purpose is to provide students with a richer educational experience through their involvement in a service-learning type project. 

Finally, this course will also incorporate more traditional academic learning experiences.  This will be accomplished in two ways.  The first is through the assignment of readings to provide students with a foundation for their urban criminology experience.  The second involves lectures with academics and practitioners in the Chicago, Illinois, area related to topics relevant to the course.  For example, Chicago is home to one of the most prominent academics on urban youth gangs.   If approved, efforts will be made to arrange for this individual to give a guest lecture as part of the course. 

Modern & Classical Languages - Contemporary and Traditional Chinese Culture Intensive Chinese Study in Xia Men - Yan Zhang

CHIN 2041

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

This comprehensive, stimulating, and interdisciplinary course will be offered in China.  Classes will run for a period of eight weeks.  Monday through Thursday, classes will focus on culture and language aspects in which all students will discuss the traditional and modern Chinese cultures: learning Taichi, calligraphy, paper cutting, tea ceremony, traditional red knot tying, etc.  On some weekends, students will take academic excursions to famous Chinese historical sites in order to explore Chinese history. In addition, the new business aspect of this course will help students understand the Chinese business culture by requiring students to participate in a number of projects where they will interview Chinese people and commercial businesses.  They will then make a formal presentation on what they learned.  Finally, all students will present an instructor approved “capstone” project in Chinese, based on their learning experiences.  In order to better immersed students into authentic China, students will live with a Chinese roommate and a host family. There also will be an opportunity for students to work with charity organizations volunteering at a school for underprivileged children.


Comparative Education Policy: U.S. versus Finland - Brent Pickett

POLS 4710/5710

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

This is a faculty-led study abroad course. It focuses on a comparative analysis of education policies and practices between the United States and Finland. This includes the issue of what level of government makes decisions (which is generally more centralized in Finland). Portions of this course will be quite practical or applied: how are classrooms and curricula structured differently between the two countries? How are they similar? To better understand this dimension, we will tour a vocational educational setting in Wyoming and one in Finland. We will also visit a comprehensive K-9 school in Finland and a high school oriented towards college attendance. Much of our readings are concerned with curricula, standards, and testing. The course will also examine a more abstract question: what should education aim towards? That is, to what extent should education aim to train persons for a specific occupation? Should education in a democracy be concerned with cultivating the habits of mind and the dispositions of character important to sustaining a democracy? If so, how is that best done? These evaluative, and ultimately normative, questions will be a recurring topic of discussion in the course.

Research in Theatre: Utopia Project - Collaborative Theatre in Spain - Jennifer Deckert

THEA 4990

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018


Culture, Film and Literature from Argentina - Carmilo Jaramillo

SPAN 3070

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

This course will offer an immersive cultural and language experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where students will live with local families and will have a direct experience of Argentinean culture. The course will introduce students to some of the key cultural aspects of Argentinean history by visiting iconic locations in Buenos Aires, having a direct taste of its food, customs, and culture, and by studying a selection of key literary texts, films, and manifestations that will offer a panoramic understanding of this unique and fascinating country.

Religious Studies - International Field Course to Israel - Seth Ward
RELI 4960

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

Study Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the heartland of Western Religions. Experience sacred sites in Jerusalem, Galilee and elsewhere in Israel, while meeting with religious leaders and others committed to the teaching and living of religious life. Spend three weeks in Jerusalem, in Haifa and the Galilee, and elsewhere visiting the places associated with Israelite kings, the life of Jesus, Jewish Rabbis and Muslim caliphs, ancient Canaanite and Greco-Roman traditions, and Bahai and Druze communities.

Modern & Classical Languages - The New Mexico's Camino, the Spanish Taos, Chimayo, and Santa Fe - Conxita Domenech

SPAN 4600

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

This class explores interactions among Spanish colonists and Native peoples (principally Pueblos, Navajos, and Apaches), the mixed, or mestizo, people who resulted from the blending of Native Americans and Spaniards, Hispanics (descendants of the colonial Spaniards and of the mestizos), and finally “Chicanos” (descendants mainly of Mexicans who came to New Mexico in the late 1800s and early 1900s). The course summarizes the history of these groups from the first arrival of humans in the South West, and traces their adaptations to the challenging geographical and climatic conditions of the region. Its greater emphasis, through readings, online activities, and visits to museums, churches, and secular buildings in Taos, Chimayo, and Santa Fe, is on such varied cultural topics as religion (Native, introduced Catholicism, and the fusion of the two); regional arts, artists, artifacts, and architecture (Native American, Spanish colonial, and later); biological blending and its outcomes in changes in living practices and behaviors; agriculture and food.

Social Work - International Social Work - A British Perspective - Neely Mahapatra

SOWK 4980

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018

England is the birthplace of the settlement movement that began in the 19th century in response to extensive poverty and unemployment. The course is intended to help students learn about the historical roots of social work as a profession. The course is taught through cultural immersion in ethnic neighborhoods, social welfare/service site visits, classroom exchanges, and seminars. A further goal is to promote cross-cultural learning for students who will visit various sites including historical landmarks related to how social work evolved. The students will explore the East End of London, a neighborhood with a very rich history as it has been home to many immigrants groups who came in search of economic opportunities and has also been a witness to social reforms in the mid-18th century that culminated in formation of unions and workers associations. To sum up the experience, this course will allow students to increase their awareness of diverse cultures that form the integral multiethnic tapestry of the area and challenge them to move beyond their own ethnocentric perspectives which is necessary for social workers who have to perform in an increasingly globalized society.

Early Childhood Education - International Internship in Early Childhood Education - Nikki Baldwin 

EDCI 5580

3 Credit Hours Summer 2018


* In addition to the courses listed above the International Programs Office Study Abroad webpage has information on additional international travel course opportunities.

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