SUMMER 2012: Study Abroad in Israel

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Content Files (under construction.)

Background Info via Powerpoint

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            Particularly relevant: powerpoints on Islam, Christianity, Zionism and Israel  History of Zionism and Israel Christianity

MV (Youtube) MV (youtube) (Intro to Islam—two parts)

Course Requirements for three credits:

Reasonable preparation including paperwork, reading and prep, planning meetings, etc.

Attend all events while on Study Abroad

“short paper” – about two pages, due before May 13, about a place or topic suitable for presentation to participants while in Israel

“longer paper” – due end of UW Summer Term (August 3)


Themes in Course

(under construction)

Going from site to site, we will no doubt visit locations in an order determined by convenience more than thematic coherence. The course contents—both the site visits and supporting lectures and discussions will encompass a number of themes. (Experience suggests that enhancing the thematic coherence of a touring program is not as simple as it sounds, but we will try).  A quick list, based mostly on projected site visits and experiences:  




The State of Israel

Middle East History and Politics

Holocaust Studies and Memory

Other themes



*I welcome your suggestions!*