Judaism and Islam: a perspective


Dr. Seth Ward

Program in Religious Studies, University of Wyoming

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In June 2012, Dr. Seth Ward offered a course at Shanghai University as part of an exchange program with University of Wyoming.


Speaker Profile: Seth Ward, a graduate of Yale University, with follow-up studies at the Hebrew University and Jewish Theological Seminary, specializes in Jewish and Islamic studies. He taught at University of Denver Institute for Islamic Judaic Studies 1991-2001, then came to the University of Wyoming Program in Religious Studies, where he works to date.  He taught at the University of Haifa in Israel for six years, and journeys every year to the Middle East to give lectures and teach a class with University of Wyoming students in the Middle East.  His specific Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\sward\Pictures\CHINA 2012\Shanghai Jewish Center-cANDIDA-IMG_5025.JPGresearch areas and teaching interests include: the Jews in Muslim lands, the Jewish - Muslim relations, Crypto-Jews and the status of Jewish women. He finds that Jewish, Islamic studies and the social reality in the Middle East are closely tied, and they must be studied together from a global point of view. 



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Shao Mingming’s article on the course: 信仰溯流——Seth Ward教授犹太与伊斯系列讲座

IN CHINESE AND ENGLISHby 邵明明 Shao Mingming (David Shao)


Report on the course: http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/2012/summer%202012/shanghai.university/report.htm  by Ma Dandan

(An English translation of the report, mostly from Google Translate, is printed below the Chinese.)


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On teaching in Shanghai: http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/2012/summer%202012/shanghai.university/teaching.in.shanghai.htm


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