Egyptian Dynasty-mostly from Wikipedia

r. = “ruled”

b.= Arabic ibn or bin “son of”

Wālīs (Governors) of Egypt, 1805-1867 (usually given the title “Pasha” (Arabic basha).

  • Muammad ‘Alī 1805-1848
  • Ibrāhīm 1848 (son or adopted son of Muhammad Ali)
  • Muammad ‘Alī (restored) 1848-1849
  • ‘Abbās I r.1849-1854 (grandson of Muhammad Ali. Father was Tosun Pasha, son of Muhammad Ali)
  • Sa‘īd r. 1854-1863 (son of Muhammad Ali)
  • Ismā‘īl (1830-1895) r. 1863-1867 as Wali, then until 1879 as Khedive  (son of Ibrahim Pasha)

Ismāīl Pasha


Khedives of Egypt, 1867-1914                                                                     

  • Ismā‘īl r. 1867-1879
  • Tawfīq 1852-1892 (r. 1879-1892) b. Isma‘il. Isma‘il was forced to abdicate by the British in favor of his son Tawfiq, who agreed to cooperate with them.
  • ‘Abbās II (Abbas Hilmī Pasha) 1892-1914 (1874-1944) b. Tawfiq Pasha. Last to use the title “Khedive.”




Sultans of Egypt, 1914-1922

  • usayn Kāmil 1853-1917 (r. 1914-1917) . Sultan of Egypt and King of Sudan. Son of Khedive Ismail
  • Fu’ād I  1868-1936 (brother of Husayn Kamil).  Sultan under the British 1917-1922—then King of Egypt and Sudan when Britain granted independence. 

Kings of Egypt, 1922-1953


  • Fārūq (1920-1965) r. 1936-1952  b. Fu’ad
  • Fu’ād II (1952- ) 1952-1953. b. Faruq. Ascended the throne when his father abdicated. Moved to Paris in after coup and still lives there.  

The rulers and regents of Muhammad Ali’s dynasty in chart form: 

The complete “royal family”

British colonial rulers (1883-1936)

Existed simultaneously with above monarchs

British Consuls-General, 1883-1914

British High Commissioners, 1914-1936

Presidents of the Republic, 1953-present