Expect changes to this schedule--for a report of what we actually did: http://uwyo.edu/sward/summer2009/WISC.htm


In the following “On Own” really means “No Guide/Driver” or “students either have free time *or*  have an activity or tour that does not require a van.”  For meals it means it is not covered by the contract with our tour provider but we pay individually.


The van will be a bus of some sort with room for more than the 13 of us—because we will often have luggage. Avoiding using it when we do not need it will allow us cash to use for eating or admissions.





Monday, May 25 [Guide/Driver]

(Beginning of Jumada Al-Thani)

Arrival of 11 of us to Israel at 3pm


Neot Kedumim

- Return to airport to pick-up two additional students (Delta 152 at 5:25pm)
- Travel northwards to the Galilee

- Stop at Sea of Galilee overlook 

- Check-in & dinner at hotel 

- Overnight: Nazareth or Alon Tavor (if possible)



Tuesday, May 26 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
of Tzippori archeological complex

- Visit to Nazareth

- View of the Jezreal Valley from Mt. Tabor

- Travel nothwards to the Upper Galilee
- Nature walk to the Banias waterfalls
- Dinner on own in Metula at Farmer's Daught Restaurant
- Overnight: Kibbutz Gadot Guest House, Upper Galilee


Wednesday, May 27 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
Holy sites of the Sea of Galilee (Capernaum, Beatitudes, Kever Rambam, Ginnosar Jesus Boat, Yadernit)
- Kever Rambam
- Cruise on the Sea of Galilee

- St. Peters Fish lunch at Kibbutz Ein Gev (on own
- Visit Domus Galilaeae site in Korazin (on own @ 3pm)

- Walking tour of Tzfat

- Visit to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Mt. Meiron

- Overnight: Kibbutz  Gadot Guest House, Upper Galilee

--- The order for this day may be rearranged and possibly some of the sites switched around.


Thursday, May 28 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel

- Tour of Beit Alfa synagogue

- Travel to Jerusalem

- Jerusalem introduction from Mount Scopus

- Foreign Ministry visit 2 p.m. (on own)
- Visit Mahane Yehuda as Jerusalem prepares for Shavuot
- Dinner at hotel
 Overnight: Sephardic Center, Jerusalem

Erev Shavuot: Some may want to attend Jewish services or Jewish all night study sessions.



Friday, May 29 [ON OWN]

Shavuot: Some may want to attend Jewish services

- Breakfast at hotel
Walk along the Rampart Walls of the Old City (on own)
- Explore the Old City (on own)
- Lunch at hotel
at hotel

Overnight: Sephardic Center, Jerusalem



Saturday, May 30 [ON OWN]

Some may want to attend Jewish services

-          Breakfast at hotel

-          - Explore the New City on own
- Tour of the Israel Museum (on own)
- Lunch at Israel Museum (on own)

-à I am trying to arrange home hospitality for a lunch. We shall see.
- Evening: Kotel Tunnel Tour
Overnight: Sephardic Center, Jerusalem


Sunday, May 31 [Guide/Driver]

“Whitsunday” for some Christian denominations. Some may want to attend church services. Please advise.

- Breakfast at hotel

- City of David & Hezekiah's Tunnels
Tzurim Valley archeological dig site
- Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial
Overnight: Sephardic Center, Jerusalem

---try to squeeze in a visit with Shoshana Ben Dor to discuss Ethiopian Jews education.


Monday, June 1 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
University of Haifa, with Lunch.

- Explore the Bahai Gardens on Mt. Carmel
- Tour of Muhraka
- Hospitality & dinner at Daliyat HaCarmel
Overnight: Nof Haifa Hotel


Tuesday, June 2 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel

- Tour of the Rosh Hanikrah ocean caves
- Explore Acco seaport
- Travel southwards to the Negev Desert

- possible visit with students at an Arab college in Baqa al-Gharabiye?

-  Possible stop in Rehovot?
- Stop at Gan Yavne en route 3 p.m. 
- (maybe) Explore the archeological caves at Beit Guvrin
Overnight: ANA Beer Sheva  Guest House


Wednesday, June 3 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
Program at Beer Sheva University (on own)

-meet with Dean Marc Gelber and posisble programs at Ben Gurion University
- Hike to the Ein Avdat desert pools

- Camel riding & traditional Bedouin tent dinner feast
Overnight: Chan HaShayarot Bedouin Tent


Thursday, June 4 [Guide/Driver]

-          Breakfast at hotel
to the Israel Air Force Museum
- Sde Boqer: Desert Pioneering & David Ben Gurion
- View of the Ramon Crater

-          ----I have contacts in Sde Boqer and Makhtesh Ramon who can talk about solar energy, dry-climate agriculture, astronomy and other programs which may be of interest to students
- Travel to Arad
- Overnight: Inbar Hotel, Arad


Friday, June 5 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
Hike up Masada via the Roman Ramp

- Tour of Masada desert fortress

- Hike down Masada's Snake Path
- Floating at the Dead Sea's Ein Bokek beach 
- Nature walk to the desert waterfalls at Ein Gedi
- Travel to Tel Aviv in the early afternoon
- Explore the Nahalat Binyamin street festival (time permitting)
- Dinner??
- Overnight:  ANA Tel Aviv Guest House



Saturday, June 6 [ON OWN] 
- Breakfast at hotel
on own in Tel Aviv
- Lunch ??
- Overnight:  ANA Tel Aviv Guest House


Sunday, June 7 [Guide/Driver]

- Breakfast at hotel
- Independence Hall & Rabin Square
- Walking tour of Jaffa seaport
- Closing dinner at Dr. Shakshouka in Jaffa seaport
- Return to airport for 11pm flight (on own)



June 7-14

For those who have elected to remain in Israel:

We are in process of making arrangements for a bus trips from Eilat to Petra, Jordan and to climb the traditional site of Mt. Sinai, in Egypt.




Your tickets are electronic. Please make sure you have your Passport with you. It is good to have the printout of your electronic ticket with you as well as your UW student card.


PACKING AND AIRPORT: Be prepared for security questions. You should expect to be asked questions both from Delta and from Israeli security. DO NOT accept anything from strangers to take with you; even if you know the individual it is best not to take anyone’s packages. Make sure you pack everything yourself and do not let your luggage out of your sight from the moment it is packed until you come to the plane, except on the flight to JFK. The purpose of your trip is an undergraduate course about Israel.


CELLPHONES: You can rent cellphones in the airport if you want. In many cases your US cellphones will work in Israel – you can receive calls as if you were in America. In some cases your cellphone provider can make special arrangements for the time you are overseas. Keep your phone off most of the time unless you want to incur enormous cellphone bills as the roaming charges are typically $2-3 per minute or more.


EMERGENCY CONTACT: Either I or a family member will have this cellphone 050-6625824. From the US: 011-972-50-6625824. We should have access to internet occasionally.


OPTIONAL THIRD WEEK: as of this date I am still working on whether it makes sense to pre-pay or “wing it” and so far “winging it” is winning…. We plan to go to Eilat, Petra and probably Mt. Sinai (Santa Caterina and Jabal Musa, the traditional site of Mt. Sinai according to Christian and Muslim tradition).