UW Courseware HELP

Seth Ward


On eCampus and eCompanion


This page was created by Seth Ward primarily for electronic course shells for Online UW Courses and UW classroom courses, with some additional notes that may be helpful. 


The term eCampus is used for Online UW courses—these are courses that do not meet on campus—and eCompanion is used for the same platform used to support a classroom course. (The eCampus and eCompanion platforms operate in nearly identical fashion).


I have found electronic submission of papers and projects solves a number of problems, so even in courses in which I do not rely heavily on eCompanion, I may require access for this purpose.


Initial Login

Your initial login is most usually your UW username with the first password you were ever given by UW. You can (and probably should) change your password after your first login.


Problems in preparing and copying electronic course shells: if you are not in an online-UW class, Attend Class for guidance.


It is easy to copy material from year to year, and sometimes materials that are relevant for an online section are copied into a campus course, or materials with outdated assignments or book lists are incompletely edited. Special efforts are made to correct this in online courses; please bring any such issues to the instructor’s attention. Effort is made for campus courses, but for a campus class, the classroom session is often the place where errors in the eCompanion are corrected: the classroom environment always takes precedence over the electronic course shell for an on- campus course.


Some of the material in the on-campus course eCompanion may be primarily for the online course, added because it may be very useful as enrichment for campus classes (rather than as an assignment. The best way to know what is important is to come to class. Some items in the on-campus eCompanion may be largely irrelevant for the course as taught on campus in a classroom.


Sometimes minor technical problems are so frequent or require such major expenditures of time and energy, that updating or completing course sections has proven impossible. I’ll do my best for on-line UW, but (I repeat myself!) in Campus courses, attend class for guidance about how to use the eCompanion.

Some observations about browsers and requirements

I have found it useful to have access to multiple browsers, such as Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome. As of this writing, sometimes a browser (or a particular version of a browser) is "not supported" but you can enter your user-ID and password and use it anyway—but some features may not work exactly as you expect. (This problem may occur, for example, when you update your version of a browser such as Internet Explorer, and the newest version is not yet fully supported). 

Sometimes, your browser settings are such that one feature may not work in that browser but you may have another browser in which it works fine. For example, I find that one browser handles log-in faster than the others, or that one has a minor problem in the way the Help displays or in editing certain types of text boxes. Often, switching browsers is the fastest way to solve a problem. In some cases, a setting change in one browser may be the problem.


The technical requirements for online UW support are critical. They are reviewed in:


This page outlines the minimum requirements of your computer.  Run the "Browser Test" to automatically check the version and settings of your preferred browser. For a complete checklist of pre-class tasks, go to http://www.uwyo.edu/outreach/ocp/student-info/ready.html     


Tech Support inside the Course Shell


Your course display should have a TOOLS: bar with the words “Tech Support” – which will look something like this:


If you click on Tech Support, it should open a pop-up with three types of assistance: chat, email, and telephone. These are all available 24 x 7.


Three different “Helps”

Of course you might need help when you are not inside the course shell, so please note:



The Online UW technical support HelpDesk is available 24/7 to help you solve technical problems with the eCampus / eCompanion course shell: helpdesk@ecampus.uwyo.edu or 800-448-7801 option 2 (follow the operator prompts to Online UW, Technical Assistance). HelpDesk staff are better prepared to help you with technical problems than your instructor and this is probably your best bet for all problems.


Other versions of this support: As noted: in your eCampus or eCompanion course shell, you could click on the Tech Support button on the top tool bar (labeled Tools:) to see your options to email, chat, or talk to help desk technicians. There is also a Help button. The Tech Support button is not available until you enter a course, but there is a HELP button on the upper right in the Home Page of the Online UW, before you enter your course shell.


UW IT Client Support HELP DESK 

For UW system problem, including problems with UW computers: (307) 766-HELP (4357), option 1. Sometimes your problem is related to your UW computer or link, and they can help, but if the problem is eCampus related, they are likely to forward you elsewhere.  Note: Option 4: Hot Page  - current UW computer system status – may be useful if you are linked through the UW system. Email userhelp@uwyo.edu For hours and other info: http://www.uwyo.edu/infotech/services/helpdesk/



If you need additional assistance, you may reach out to UW Instructional Computing Services: ectltech@uwyo.edu    307-766-5499.