Paper Posting


All papers will be posted in the appropriate discussion section of the Course Shell (ECampus). This will allow for student comments. In most cases, students are asked to post both to the Discussion Section AND to the Dropbox Basket.  


Student Presentations


Each Presentation group will have a limited time for all presentations in the group, normally one hour to one hour fifteen minutes per group.


One student in the group should be the Chair and Timekeeper. The chair will have to organize the following:

*      A student to compose an introduction to all the papers, mentioning the student names and a sentence or two about the contribution the paper makes to our discussion.

*      A student or students to start discussion of each paper by preparing a question or two.  

*      A student to summarize by preparing a brief statement comparing and contrasting all the papers in the group and assessing whether there are common themes.


Students should prepare for their own oral presentations by writing a short summary of their papers. Based on time constraints, these summaries may be 250 to 500 words, and may be required to be posted in advance.


The instructor or the presentation group may determine that it is best to prepare a limited number of Power Point slides or a short Webpage with the main points of the paper.


Posting these materials to a course shell such as ECampus will ease access during class and may be required.


Students should prepare for each presentation day by reading as many papers of presenting classmates. There may be an exercise prepared by the instructor for all students to promote discussion.


Written Comments


All students will be expected to read a certain number of classmate papers online, and post comments to them. Comments will include comparisons with your own findings, inquiries about classmate’s conclusions, indication of what students find exciting in the papers, questions for further clarifications, etc. Instructor may prepare a questionnaire or rubric for such comments. Students are expected to review the comments made on their papers and respond to them as needed.