MPj04394130000[1]Research Goals and Tools: Examine your subject carefully.

Seth Ward

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1. Ask a Reference Librarian: – use the box on the lower right!


2. Use the Library catalogue:

3. Know about access to the local library or library system

Wyoming:  and

Colorado:  and


4. Take a physical book out of the library which uses footnotes, endnotes or references, and which has at least one paragraph relevant to the subject.  


5. Check an ebook out of the library or other resource, if one is relevant to your topic. (or to see if it is relevant to your topic).

6. Familiarize yourself with the Writing Center  Coe Library Room 302) 766-5250. Don’t hesitate to use their handouts or personal services to improve your writing. Consider sending or bringing your paper to them for discussion. 

7. “Check up” on the author of a book or article: find and compare a reference cited in a footnote, endnote or in-line (read the Check a reference link).

8. Use library resources to find encyclopedias, broad studies or textbooks, etc. as well as more narrowly focused works.


9. Use reference databases from the library  

  a. JSTOR, ArtSTOR (ArtSTOR now is searched in EVERY JSTOR search).

  b. WorldCat and/or Prospector to search for potential InterLibrary Loan /Prospector books.

  c. UW Request It.
  d. Use another reference database or tool suggested by the Reference Librarian.

Request It can send ILL books to you by mail, as well as UW books. It cannot send Prospector books though. For strudents in remote locations it might be faster delivery than getting InterLIbrary Loan books from a local library.

10. Find primary sources relevant to your subject, either on line, in a book or article, or through a database.


11. Find Web resources and use them critically. Tools for evaluation at or


12. Find and cite assessments of the importance of your subject—by the author of the book you checked out, or by others, or a review of your book, or references to it which assess its value.    




For references to books in this checklist, author and title is sufficient, or you can cut and paste from the library website.


A library located near my home or office: ___Coe or __ Other: (give name)

(Physical) book I checked out (author.title sufficient):

E-book or audio book or other electronic source I checked out (including “checked out” reference work):

Question I discussed with reference librarian:

Databases searched and examples of full text articles or references found there:

Book or article identified on Prospector or Interlibrary Loan:

3 websites I looked at, with a *brief* critical evaluation:

Brief discussion of a reference in a scholarly book which I checked out:

Primary source I found:

Documents I examined at UW Writing Center website:

Other comments about the research for this report: