Very Short Research Project

This is a short project which stresses skills in research, writing and/or presenting.

Accomplish as many as possible of the following research goals. 


More precise details may be given in class.


I am not interested in a broad project: practicing the research goals is more important than the written paper. Be prepared for oral discussion of both your topic and research issues.


  1. Write this up in 200-600 words. Use any system of references--footnotes, inline, endnotes; MLA, History or any other style--but use them correctly and intelligently. You must include at least two footnotes, endnotes or inline references,
  2. prepare a single page resource suitable to be a handout or to be projected on the computer screen with: a) an image (jpg);  b) a title; c) a subtitle or slogan which gives the main importance of the person, concept or event; d) date or dates (birth and death if it is a person); 3-5 main points or “career highlights”; 2-4 key bibliographic or website references (give full URL).


One way to do this is to make up the resource sheet before you write up the paper, as the paper should be organized ONLY to support the few details you put on the resource sheet. The idea is to focus on whatever you decide is the main theme.