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Courses Taught by Dan Tinker


Forest Ecology

An integrative study of the structure, function, and ecological diversity of forested ecosystems, and the physical factors that influence this diversity, including emergent properties of energy flow and nutrient cycling. Special emphasis is given to understanding forest disturbances and succession, and implications for impacts of management and sustainability are discussed throughout.


Undergraduate field assistants Ryan Sims (left) and Michael

Straw (right) in Yellowstone National Park, 2006.

General Biology

Uncovers the fundamental concepts of biology, including basic chemistry of living systems, cell structures and functions, energy relations, genetics, molecular biology, ecology, population dynamics and evolutionary theory. Living invertebrate and vertebrate organisms studied during some lab meetings.


Environmental and Natural Resource Policy Practice

Encompasses student resolution in multidisciplinary teams of environment and natural resource problems and issues; practice in formulating policy alternatives; case studies; planning, performing and coordinating multidisciplinary research.


Special Topics in Ecology

Acquaints students with various topics not covered in regular courses, such as disturbance ecology, chronosequence research, and many other topics. Emphasizes recent developments appearing in journal literature.