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University of Wyoming

ITS on Interstate-80 between Laramie and Cheyenne

The I-80 corridor between Laramie and Cheyenne contains technology that helps the Wyoming Department of Transportation manage this roadway segment and provide valuable information for travelers before they make the trip and during their trip.

    DURING Trip Sources include:
  • Roadside Dynamic Message Sign
  • Roadside Dynamic Message Sign
  • Flashing Caution Signs
  • Flashing Beacon Sign
  • Highway Advisory Radio (1610 AM)
  • Broadcast Radio (AM or FM stations other than 1610 AM)
    The traveler information provided at these sources is based on a system of monitoring devices along the corridor including:
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS): Provides temperature, wind speeds, wind gust speeds, road surface temperatures and conditions, and visibility conditions.
  • Road Weather Information System
  • Speed sensors: Provide traffic count and vehicle speed data for cars and trucks.
  • Speed Sensor
  • Web cameras: Pictures of real-time roadway conditions. Used by WYDOT to determine appropriate messages for the Dynamic Message Signs and also viewed by the public on the WYDOT website.
  • WYDOT maintenance personnel such as snow plow drivers also provide up-to-date road condition information back to the central Traffic Management Center in Cheyenne.  WYDOT also subscribes to a specialized weather forecasting service that focuses on forecasting roadway conditions.