I have taught a variety of classes at the University of Wyoming including Mathematical Economics, Industrial Organization, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics, Natural Resource Economics and Global Economic Issues at the undergraduate level and Advanced Microeconomics, Seminar in Regulation and MBA Managerial Economics at the graduate level. This last class was taught on Compressed Video, basically live TV, which may be the wave of the future in our efficiency seeking world.

In the Law School at UW I taught a course on Regulated Industries, an interesting experience given the mix of economics and law students.

I have also taught classes at Purdue University, New Mexico State University, State University of New York at Buffalo and Australian National University. At the University of Oregon I taught a course in Bioeconomics.

As past Director of PURTI I have organized and taught courses to corporations and regulatory commissions, some on site and some at UW. These classes cover theory and issues in public utility economics including regulation, pricing, profit, consumer well being and environmental considerations.

Some of my more interesting recent teaching experiences occurred in Russia where I taught microeconomics to faculty at Saratov State University, and in Bolivia where I taught regulatory economics to new public utility regulators.