The Wyoming Alpha Chapter By-Laws



of the

Wyoming Alpha

Chapter of

of the



An Honor Society in

Computer Science



Article I:  Scope of the By-Laws


1.       These By-Laws shall govern the conduct of the chapter in those matters not specifically treated in the Constitution.

2.       Provisions of these By-Laws shall be subordinate to those of the Constitution.


Article II:  Election of Officers


1.       The officers of the chapter shall be elected at the first business meeting of each Fall/Spring semester of the school year, immediately after the election of new members.

2.       Installation of officers shall take place immediately following their election.  The new officers will assume their duties upon installation.

3.       In order to be eligible to hold office, the President must have been active in the chapter for at least one semester.

4.       The officers of this chapter shall be elected by secret ballot and there shall be no voting of proxies allowed.

5.       The faculty advisor shall be selected from the Computer Science teaching staff.


Article III:  Meetings


1.       Membership meetings will be held as scheduled during the Spring and Fall semesters.

2.       Special meetings may be called by the President, the Executive Council, or by petition of one-half of the active membership of the chapter.

3.       The quorum shall consist of one-half of the active members of the chapter in the conduct of the business of the chapter.

4.       Except as specifically stated in the Constitution and By-Laws, the parliamentary guide for the conduct of all meetings shall be Robert’s Rules of Order.

5.       The order of conduct of a regular meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Reading of minutes
  4. Committee reports
  5. Unfinished business
  6. New business
  7. Program or technical session (optional)
  8. Adjournment

6.       Initiation of new members may be conducted at a regular meeting or at a special meeting called for the purpose.

7.       Notification of all active members shall be given by the Secretary one week prior to a special meeting.  The notification shall state the purpose of the meeting.

8.       No business other than that which the meeting was called for shall be conducted at a special meeting.


Article IV:  Attendance


1.       Active officers shall be required to attend all meetings of the chapter.

2.       Active officers shall be excused from a meeting when circumstances warrant such an excuse.

3.       Any officer who fails to attend fifty percent of all meetings, or who misses three consecutive meetings, shall automatically revert to inactive status.

4.       Restoration of a member to active status shall be by affirmative vote of a majority of the active members present, and the payment of one year’s dues to the chapter.


Article V:  Finances


1.       The minimum cash balance at the end of each school year shall be fifty dollars.  Any deficiency from this amount shall be made up by an assessment of the active members.

2.       The initiation fee charged each new member by the chapter shall be ten dollars, in addition to that of the Association.

3.       Annual dues payable to the chapter shall be five dollars, in addition to the dues of the Association.

4.       Each initiate shall be required to pay all dues and initiation fees prior to his or her initiation.

5.       One week prior to the election of officers, the Treasurer shall submit to the President and faculty advisor a written statement of the financial condition of the chapter.  At the election, this will be submitted to the chapter and entered into the minutes upon acceptance by the chapter.

6.       Special assessments may be made at any time, upon approval by three-fourths of the active members of the chapter.


Article VI:  Initiation


1.       The initiation of new members shall be held within four weeks of the time of their election.

2.       The initiation shall specifically avoid any practice which conflicts with the University of Wyoming regulations or which constitutes an attack on the personal dignity of the initiates.  The activities shall be devised to stimulate the candidate’s interest in computer science and to acquaint them better with members of the chapter.


Article VII:  Election of Members


1.       There shall be two elections of new members each year.

2.       The Membership Committee shall prepare a list of all eligible candidates, ordered with faculty members first, followed by students ranked according to decreasing grade point average.

3.       The list prepared according to the previous section shall be submitted to faculty members who are members of the Association, who shall be asked to make written remarks with respect to the fitness of the candidates with whom they are acquainted.

4.       The list of eligible candidates, together with faculty members’ remarks, shall be submitted to the chapter Membership Committee for final screening.

5.       The names of those elected to membership shall be given to the Secretary, who shall then issue invitations to become members of the Association, and of this chapter.

6.       Failure of a member-elect to notify the chapter of his or her acceptance of the invitation to membership within two weeks of its issuance shall constitute notice of refusal.


Article VIII:  Adoption and Amendment


1.       These By-Laws shall become effective immediately upon adoption.

2.       These By-Laws shall remain in effect until revised or amended.

3.       A provision of these By-Laws may be temporarily suspended by a three-fourths vote of the active membership of the chapter.

4.       A two-thirds affirmative vote of the active membership of the chapter shall be required for the adoption of an amendment to these By-Laws.