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University Technology Planning Council

University of Wyoming
Technology Planning Council

Monday, June 8, 2009, 1:30 to 3 p.m., Old Main 321

Present: Robert Aylward, Chairman; Rollin Abernethy; Sara Axelson; Ramona Belden; Bill Gern; Maggi Murdock; Karen Williams, guest presenting ePortfolio; Mary Scott, staff support
Absent: Janet Lowe


  1. ePortfolio: Following Karen Williams presentation and ensuing discussion, the Council agreed that the choice of platform will be made after the consultant recommendations are made to the Governorís Video Task Force and considered for their implications on the choice of platforms.
  2. Governorís Video Task Force Update: Robert Aylward and Maggi Murdock explained that the focus of the VTF is to recommend ways for VTC technology infrastructure needed in Wyoming for learning, meetings, and telehealth to move forward over the next 10 to 20 years.
  3. Shibboleth: Robert Aylward explained that UW has access through the Library Alliance to Shibboleth middleware for federated identity management. IT is considering its use for authenticated trust relationships.
  4. Digital Signage: The Council agreed that a campus standard for digital signage will be established.
  5. Classroom Technology Advisory Committee Recommendations: Ramona Belden presented the CTAC recommendations. The Council voted unanimously for approval on the two CTAC recommendations, agreeing:
    1. That classroom VHS players will be phased out, that there may be a need for video tapes to be transferred to disk.
    2. The plasma monitors from CR 219, which are in storage and not being used, will be distributed through a Call for Proposal for their use. The Call for Proposal will be sent to academic units. Distribution will be made based on best use of the monitors.
    A third CTAC proposal was presented but it was later found the proposal still needed some additional work from CTAC before the Council was to vote on it. CTAC will resubmit the proposal.
  6. UW Budget Reductions: The Presidentís recent budget reduction letter charged IT with two tasks:
    1. Centralizing technology staff.
    2. Centralizing technology purchasing.
    Robert Aylward and Sara Axelson gave the status of the pilot project to centralize Student Affairs technology staff under IT governance. Robert asked all Council members to provide input into the two tasks.
  7. Discuss quarterly meeting schedule 2009-2010: A tentative meeting schedule will be developed and sent to members.

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.