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Pre-Production Worksheet Help

This page is designed to assist in completing the Pre-Production Worksheet (found on the Media Production Services page). Please follow along with the section headings from the worksheet. Contact the Media Producer with additional questions.

Intended Audience

For whom are you making the video? Livestock producers, home gardeners, people in a particular county or region of the state? While many videos are for a general audience and enjoy wide distribution, considering the audience early on is important. How the video is constructed, what key terms and concepts to include (or not include), and how the video will be distributed are important considerations based on the intended audience. Also important is to consider who among the intended audience might be included in the film itself or be able to provide some form of production support.


What is the purpose of the video? Is it a how-to video to explain a process, an informational video to increase awareness or encourage the audience to adopt some sort of best practice? Is the video a commercial promoting a product or service? In short, what is the video meant to do?

Film Style

Don't worry if unsure sure what film style to use; this is where the media producer can help. Think about how the video might look. Do you want a series of interviews to create a complete story? Do you want a narrator (on or off screen) to guide the audience through the process of discovery? Actors on screen and a written script so you can control the message? The video might be a combination of these or something else but talk this over with the media producer.


Will the video be posted online? Where? Will DVDs be created, or will the video be projected at county fairs? These various formats should be considered before shooting rather than when filming is complete.

Treatment and Storyboarding

Making a treatment or a storyboard is a way of making an outline of a video. Just like outlining a written paper or article, a treatment or storyboard can help gather important information to include in the video; a treatment and storyboard include information about the audio and video tracks broken down by section. A rough estimate of how long each section might take is also included. A treatment and a storyboard are very similar; the main difference is a treatment is a fully textual document while a storyboard includes images (usually hand drawn) in the space where the video track is listed. A treatment and storyboard will go through many iterations before the final product, just as written manuscripts have multiple drafts. Try creating a treatment or storyboard, whichever is more comfortable. Templates and examples are available in the production forms packet.


A budget may be one of the most important documents in the video production process. All other components of a production being equal, the budget ultimately constrains and directs a production. The budget should be filled in as part of a conversation with the media producer and, while all video production costs will be included on paper, many of the costs will not be covered directly out of your budget but shared with the UWE Office of Communications and Technology. Travel costs, which will be paid out of your budget, are important items to consider. Please consider how to maximize the travel and time on location of the media producer.

Contact List

The video production process is highly collaborative. Discuss with the media producer who might be appropriate to involve in the video both on and off camera. People to consider are other UWE personnel, landowners, stakeholders, collaborators from other agencies, other relevant experts/researchers, business people, and community members and leaders. A template is provided in the production forms packet.

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