(Halogeton glomeratus (Stephen ex Bieb.) C. A. Mey

GROWTH HABIT: Annual, erect, many stems. Blueish green in spring, turning yellow or red in fall. Reproduces by seed only.

LEAVES: Alternate, in bunches along the stem, fleshy, tube-like, ending abruptly and tipped with delicate needle-like spine. Tufts of cottony hairs at leaf attachment.

STEMS: Many branched from base, spreading then becoming erect, to 18 inches tall. Usually red in color.

FLOWER: Green, inconspicuous, born in leaf axil.

ROOTS: Fibrous.

SEEDS: Two types: Black, which germinate during first growing season after produced and brown, which are dormant but viable for several years.

OTHER: Toxic to livestock, especially sheep, from high oxalate content.

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