(Sonchus arvensis L. ssp. Uliginosus (Bieh.)

GROWTH HABIT: Perennial, up to 4 ft. Tall.

LEAVES: Prickly serrations on margins, may be deep lobed, narrow at base. Upper leaves clast stem. Alternate, usually crowded on lower ½ of stem.

STEMS: Erect, finely grooved, hollow between joints, milky juice.

FLOWER: Brightly yellow, flat topped, clustered, 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

ROOTS: Creeping horizontal roots, give rise to new shoots at joints. Yellowish white with milky juice.

SEEDS: Reddish brown, 1/8" long, 5 to 7 length-wise ribs.

OTHER: Reproduced by seed and creeping roots.

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