Amaranthaceae (Pigweed family)

GROWTH HABIT: An annual with generally prostrate stems radiating in all directions from a central taproot.

LEAVES: Leaves are small and egg-shaped, with the tip broader than the base.

STEMS: Main stems are usually 12 to 18 inches long with shorter secondary branches. All stems are somewhat fleshy and pliable, nearly smooth, and usually red to purple.

FLOWER: Flowers are in small congested clusters in the leaf axils. Long terminal flower spikes are absent.

ROOT: Central taproot.

SEEDS: Seeds are shiny, black, lens-shaped and approximately twice the width of tumble pigweed seeds.

OTHER: Prostrate pigweed was possibly introduced from tropical America, adapting well to our area. It occurs mostly in disturbed or cultivated soils, and is often associated with tumble pigweed or other Amaranthus species. It is a common garden weed.

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